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Composed by Anthony P Smith
23456 V B M Methods
42635 2 L1C2.B1L2R1B2.Y1S2.N1P2S1N2.P1Y2C1R2
5 part.
Contains 160 Bristol (B1, B2), Cambridge (C1, C2), Lincolnshire (N1, N2), London (L1, L2), Pudsey (P1, P2), Rutland (R1, R2), Superlative (S1, S2), Yorkshire (Y1, Y2); 79 com.
B1 = First half lead of Bristol
B2 = Second half lead of Bristol
C1 = First half lead of Cambridge
C2 = Second half lead of Cambridge
L1 = First half lead of London
L2 = Second half lead of London
N1 = First half lead of Lincolnshire
N2 = Second half lead of Lincolnshire
P1 = First half lead of Pudsey
P2 = Second half lead of Pudsey
R1 = First half lead of Rutland
R2 = Second half lead of Rutland
S1 = First half lead of Superlative
S2 = Second half lead of Superlative
Y1 = First half lead of Yorkshire
Y2 = Second half lead of Yorkshire
Features: Defining half leads from the methods tab, 5 part

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Wed 04-May-16 15:27 by Matthew R Johnson
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