Examples of different features in compositions. From a composition feel free to click clone (from the buttons on the top right) to see how it's been entered. You can then try with editing the composition and click validate to see how it is affected.
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Chapter Features Entry Bellboard Id
  A Block, Coursehead masks 5043 Stedman Caters Op. 798 by Richard I Allton  
  Multiple embedded Blocks, Default calls: Far 5040 Original Triples by Richard B Pullin  
  A and B block 5120 6-Spliced Surprise Major by Marcus C W Sherwood  
Calls and Calling Positions      
  4ths place bobs (Default calls: Near) 1280 Glasgow Surprise Major by Simon J Gay  
  6th place bobs (Default calls: Far) 1344 Glasgow Surprise Major  
  Big Bob 5088 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus Op. 3 by Alex W Tatlow  
  Half lead single 5000 Cambridge Surprise Royal by Alan M Barber  
  Halflead Calls 5040 Double Bob Major by Donald G Lawson  
  Half lead and leadend bobs and singles, numbered calling positions 5077 Woodfine Delight Royal by Mark B Davies  
  Lots of different calls, 10 part 5016 10-Spliced Maximus by David J Pipe  
  Extra calling positions defined, Midlead start 5050 Yorkshire Surprise Royal by Graham A C John  
Coursehead Masks      
  Use of coursehead masks 1253 Stedman Caters by Daniel W Brady  
  Lots of coursehead masks, A Block, Plain Lead to make it prick correctly 1260 Grandsire Triples by Benjamin D Constant  
Half lead spliced      
  Defining half leads from the methods tab, 5 part 1280 8-Spliced Surprise Major by Anthony P Smith  
  6 part, including single half way and end 720 Plain Bob Minor  
  3 part, replacing calls in part 2 552 Treble Dodging Minor  
  3 part, replacing methods in part 2 576 3-Spliced Surprise Minor  
  6 part, omitting bob in alternate parts 5184 Magna Carta Delight Major Op. 7119 by Donald F Morrison  
  7 part, observation bell affected 5152 23-Spliced Surprise Major by Norman Smith  
  8 part, replacement of long series of calls 5040 Grandsire Triples by Brian D Price  
  6 part, replacement of long series of calls 5100 Century Alliance Major by Graham A C John  
  6 part, published in lead format on BellBoard 1404 Grandsire Caters Op. 1 (The Magnificent Six) by Alex W Tatlow 1000393
  5 part, note use of true parthead and not subsequent six end, To clone replace methods with #(QS) 1260 Stedman Triples by Andrew Johnson  
  4 part, replacing calls in 4th part 1293 Stedman Triples by David E House  
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