Pudsey Surprise Royal

  • Adjacent
  • Identity
  • Jump
  • Static
  • Dynamic
Hunt bells
  • Principle
  • Hunter
    • One
    • Multiple
    • All
Working bell cycles
  • Monocyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
Hunter classes
  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
    • Single
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
b 1573920486
Default calls
Method above
Pudsey Surprise Royal
FCH Groups
Extension construction
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Extension path
Pudsey Surprise Major, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-1BC/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1BC/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-1BC/5DEFGHI [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-1BC/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-1BC/7DE [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-1BC/8BC Prittlewell Surprise Maximus, [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-1BCDEFG/1DE [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen, Twenty-two
EP3-1BCDEFG/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Twenty-two
EP3-1BCDEFG/5DEFGHI [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-1BCDEFG/6CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Twenty-two
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/1DE [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/6CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-1DEFG/2CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-1EF/8EF [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-1FG/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-1FG/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-1FG/6EF [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-1FG/6EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-1FG/6EFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-1FG/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-1FG/9JK [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDE/1DE [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4BCDE/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDE/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4BCDE/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4BCDE/8BC [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/2CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4CD/4FG [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4DE/4EF [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-4DEFG/2CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-4EF/4DE [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4FG/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4FG/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4FG/6CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-4FG/6EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4FG/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BC/6GH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-6BCDE/2CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BCDE/6CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-6BCDE/6EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BCDE/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BCDEFG/6EFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-6CD/6FG [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-6CD/8FG [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-6DE/6EF [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-6EF/8DE [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-6EFGH/8CD [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-6FG/1DE Solihull Surprise Maximus, [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-6FG/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-6FG/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6FG/5DEFGHI [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-6FG/6CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6FG/7DE [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-6FG/8BC Manitoba Surprise Maximus
Method Place Notation
Julian Surprise Royal -50-16-70-1238-14-50-16-70-18-90,12
Date Type Details
Sat 15 Aug 1925 First peal on towerbells Pudsey Surprise Royal at Bellfoundry, Loughborough by the Midland Counties Association at Bellfoundry, Loughborough
Wed 21 May 1975 First peal on handbells Pudsey Surprise Royal by the Oxford Diocesan Guild by the Oxford Diocesan Guild at High Wycombe, Bucks
Tue 20 Apr 1982 Long Length on towerbells 10440 Pudsey Surprise Royal by the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths at St Mary the Virgin, Lydney, Gloucestershire, conducted by Rebecca J Cox
Sat 28 Apr 2001 Long Length on towerbells 14040 Pudsey Surprise Royal by the Bath & Wells Diocesan Association at St Michael Archangel, Lyme Regis, Dorset, conducted by Brian J Woodruffe
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