Cambridge Surprise Royal

  • Adjacent
  • Identity
  • Jump
  • Static
  • Dynamic
Hunt bells
  • Principle
  • Hunter
    • One
    • Multiple
    • All
Working bell cycles
  • Monocyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
Hunter classes
  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
    • Single
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
b 1573920486
Default calls
Method above
Cambridge Surprise Royal
Method below
Cambridge Surprise Royal
FCH Groups
Extension construction
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Leadend/halflead variant Primrose Surprise Royal
Reverse Old Superlative Surprise Royal
Extension path
Cambridge Surprise Minor, Major, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-1AB/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1AB/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-1AB/5DEFGHI [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-1AB/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-1AB/7DE Winchester Surprise Maximus
EP3-1AB/8BC Yorkshire Surprise Maximus, Albanian Surprise Fourteen, [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/1DE [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1BCDEFGHI/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1GH/8JK [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1HI/6DE [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-1HI/9JK [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/1DE [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4EF/8JK [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen, Twenty-four
EP3-4FGHI/1DE [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4FGHI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4FGHI/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4FGHI/8BC [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4GH/9BCDE [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4HI/4DE [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-6DEFG/1DE [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6DEFG/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-6DEFG/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6DEFG/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6DEFG/8BC [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6FG/7IJ [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-6HI/2DE [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-8ABCD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-8FG/6DE [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-8GH/9CD [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-8GHIJ/9BC [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-8HI/1DE Pudsey Surprise Maximus, [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-8HI/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-8HI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8HI/5DEFGHI [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-8HI/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8HI/7DE [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-8HI/8BC Prittlewell Surprise Maximus, [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
Method Place Notation
Havant Surprise Royal -30-14-1250-36-1470-58-16-70-18.56.90,12
HMS Montagu Surprise Royal -30-14-50.12.36-1470-58-16-70-18.34.90,12
New Cambridge Surprise Royal -30-14-50-1236-1470-58-16-70-18-90,12
Putney Surprise Royal -30-14-50-1236-1470-58-16-70-18.56.90,12
Shepton Beauchamp Halt Surprise Royal -30-14-1250-36-1470-58-16-70-18.34.90,12
Shrivenham Village Surprise Royal -30-14-50.12.36-1470-5890-1690-70-18-90,12
Southwell Surprise Royal -30-14-50.12.36-1470-58-16-70-18-90,12
Stand Surprise Royal -30-14-50.12.36-1470-58-16-70-18.56.90,12
Date Type Details
Sat 26 Oct 1822 First peal on towerbells Cambridge Surprise Royal at Cathedral, Wakefield at Cathedral, Wakefield
Wed 26 Dec 1923 Long Length on towerbells 10440 Cambridge Surprise Royal by the Middlesex County Association at St Mary, Walthamstow, Essex, conducted by William Pye
Sun 30 Mar 1947 First peal on handbells 5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal by the Leicester Diocesan Guild at The Wayside, 150 Narborough Road South, Leicester, Leicestershire
Sat 15 Dec 1951 Long Length on towerbells 15840 Cambridge Surprise Royal by the Lancashire Association at St Mark, Worsley, Lancashire, conducted by John Worth
Sat 20 Apr 1968 Long Length on towerbells 18000 Cambridge Surprise Royal by the Chester Diocesan Guild at Bell Foundry Tower, Loughborough, Leicestershire, conducted by Robert B Smith
Fri 15 Jun 2012 Long Length on handbells 10080 Cambridge Surprise Royal by the Society of Cambridge Youths at 16 Godesdone Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, conducted by David J Pipe
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