Reverse Sedona Treble Place Minimus

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  • Static
  • Dynamic
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Working bell cycles
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  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
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  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
    • Single
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
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Reverse Sedona Treble Place Minimus
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Reverse Sedona Treble Place Minimus
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Lead length
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Hunt bells
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Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Reverse Sedona Treble Place Minimus, Minimus
Method Place Notation
Ashby St Ledgers Treble Place Minimus,12
Ashow Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-14-12.12.34,12
Barby Treble Place Minimus,12
Barkham Treble Bob Minimus ---14.12.12-34,12
Berkley Treble Bob Minimus 34-34.14.12--34,12
Bisbee Treble Place Minimus --,12
Bolnhurst Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-14--12.34,12
Briefcase and Mobile Phone Treble Bob Minimus --34.14-12-34,12
Broxwood Treble Place Minimus 34-34.14-34.12.34,12
Bullhead City Treble Place Minimus 34.34-14-34-34,12
Buscot Treble Bob Minimus -,12
Charwelton Treble Place Minimus ---14-34-34,12
Church Stowe Treble Place Minimus,12
Clearwell Treble Bob Minimus,12
Denchworth Treble Bob Minimus -34.34.14---34,12
Derby Treble Bob Minimus 34-34.14---34,12
Donhead Treble Bob Minimus -34-14-12.12.34,12
Draughton Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-,12
East Horsley Treble Bob Minimus --,12
Eclipse Treble Bob Minimus 34-34.14-12.12.34,12
Edgcote Treble Place Minimus,12
Ettington Treble Bob Minimus 34--14.12-12.34,12
Fawsley Treble Place Minimus ---,12
For the Fallen Treble Bob Minimus 34--14-12-34,12
Foremark Treble Bob Minimus,12
Fritwell Treble Bob Minimus -34.34.14--12.34,12
Guilsfield Treble Bob Minimus ---14---34,12
Halton Treble Bob Minimus -,12
Highmore Treble Place Minimus 34.34-14-34.12.34,12
Hopleys Treble Place Minimus 34-,12
Iken Treble Bob Minimus 34-34.14--12.34,12
Kemp Town Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-14-12-34,12
Kermit Treble Bob Minimus,12
Keyneston Treble Bob Minimus 34-34.14-12-34,12
Kilsby Treble Place Minimus 34--14-34-34,12
Kingswood Treble Place Minimus 34.34-14.12.34-34,12
Lake Havasu City Treble Place Minimus -,12
Langdon Hills Treble Bob Minimus ---14--12.34,12
Last Post Treble Bob Minimus 34--14-12.12.34,12
Lockinge Treble Bob Minimus ---14.12--34,12
Lutton Treble Place Minimus -34-,12
Melchbourne Treble Place Minimus -34-14-34-34,12
Newbold Pacey Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-14---34,12
Newington Treble Bob Minimus --34.14---34,12
Outwood Treble Bob Minimus,12
Parker Treble Place Minimus -34.34.14-34.12.34,12
Phoenix Arizona Treble Place Minimus 34-34.14-34-34,12
Pilton Treble Place Minimus -34-14.12.34-34,12
Pima Treble Place Minimus -34.34.14-34-34,12
Poppy Treble Bob Minimus 34--14--12.34,12
Prince of Cambridge Treble Bob Minimus ---,12
Princess of Cambridge Treble Bob Minimus ---14-12.12.34,12
Remembrance Day Treble Bob Minimus 34--14---34,12
Reveller Treble Bob Minimus 34--14.12--34,12
Reverse Ashby St Ledgers Treble Place Minimus -12-,12
Reverse Barby Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse Berkley Treble Bob Minimus --34.14.12-12.34,12
Reverse Bisbee Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse Briefcase and Mobile Phone Treble Bob Minimus -34-14.12--34,12
Reverse Broxwood Treble Place Minimus 34.12-14.12-12.34,12
Reverse Bullhead City Treble Place Minimus -12-14-12.12.34,12
Reverse Charwelton Treble Place Minimus -12-14---34,12
Reverse Church Stowe Treble Place Minimus 34.12-,12
Reverse Derby Treble Bob Minimus ---14.12-12.34,12
Reverse Draughton Treble Bob Minimus,12
Reverse Edgcote Treble Place Minimus -,12
Reverse Fawsley Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse For the Fallen Treble Bob Minimus -34-14--12.34,12
Reverse Fritwell Treble Bob Minimus 34--14.12.12-34,12
Reverse Highmore Treble Place Minimus 34.12-14-12.12.34,12
Reverse Hopleys Treble Place Minimus -,12
Reverse Kermit Treble Bob Minimus -34-,12
Reverse Keyneston Treble Bob Minimus -34-14.12-12.34,12
Reverse Kilsby Treble Place Minimus -12-14--12.34,12
Reverse Kingswood Treble Place Minimus -12.34.14-12.12.34,12
Reverse Lake Havasu City Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse Lutton Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse Melchbourne Treble Place Minimus -12-14-12-34,12
Reverse Parker Treble Place Minimus 34.12-14.12.12-34,12
Reverse Phoenix Arizona Treble Place Minimus -12-14.12-12.34,12
Reverse Pilton Treble Place Minimus -12.34.14-12-34,12
Reverse Pima Treble Place Minimus -12-14.12.12-34,12
Reverse Reveller Treble Bob Minimus --34.14--12.34,12
Reverse Safford Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse Shipton Gorge Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-14.12.12-34,12
Reverse Show Low Treble Place Minimus -,12
Reverse Sierra Vista Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse Spetchley Treble Bob Minimus --34.14-12.12.34,12
Reverse Stickland Treble Bob Minimus,12
Reverse Thorpe Achurch Treble Place Minimus 34.12-14-12-34,12
Reverse Tombstone Treble Place Minimus 34.12-14.12--34,12
Reverse Torbryan Treble Bob Minimus -34-14.12.12-34,12
Reverse Truffler Treble Bob Minimus,12
Reverse Tubac Treble Place Minimus -,12
Reverse Tucson Treble Place Minimus,12
Reverse Ufford Treble Place Minimus -12.34.14---34,12
Reverse Upton by Birkenhead Treble Bob Minimus -34-14---34,12
Reverse Yarwell Treble Place Minimus 34.12-14---34,12
Rushton Old Treble Bob Minimus 34-34.14.12-12.34,12
Safford Treble Place Minimus 34.34-,12
Secondo Treble Place Minimus 12-12.14---34,12
Sedona Treble Place Minimus --34.14-34-34,12
Shipton Gorge Treble Bob Minimus -34.34.14-12.12.34,12
Show Low Treble Place Minimus --,12
Sierra Vista Treble Place Minimus 34--,12
Slindon Treble Bob Minimus 34-,12
Sparsholt Treble Bob Minimus --,12
Spetchley Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-14.12--34,12
St Aelhaiarn Treble Bob Minimus,12
Stickland Treble Bob Minimus 34-,12
Tarrant Treble Bob Minimus -34-14-12-34,12
Thorpe Achurch Treble Place Minimus -34-14-34.12.34,12
Tombstone Treble Place Minimus --34.14-34.12.34,12
Torbryan Treble Bob Minimus -34.34.14-12-34,12
Towersey Treble Bob Minimus -,12
Truffler Treble Bob Minimus 34--,12
Tubac Treble Place Minimus -,12
Tucson Treble Place Minimus 34-,12
Ufford Treble Place Minimus ---14.12.34-34,12
Upton by Birkenhead Treble Bob Minimus ---14-12-34,12
Waresley Treble Bob Minimus 34.34-14.12-12.34,12
Wirral Treble Bob Minimus --34.14.12--34,12
X-Border Treble Place Minimus 12-12.14.34-34.34,12
Yarwell Treble Place Minimus ---14-34.12.34,12
Yatton Keynell Treble Bob Minimus -,12
Date Type Details
Tue 10 Nov 2020 First inclusion in a quarter peal on handbells 1296 Treble Place Minimus (137m) at Kington & Presteigne, Herefordshire & Powys, conducted by Lynn Scales
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Created on
Mon 16-Nov-20 23:31
Methods Curator
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Tue 17-Nov-20 00:47
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