I Can't Believe It's Not Real Yorkshire Surprise Royal

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Hunt bells
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Working bell cycles
  • Unicyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
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  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
b 1573920486
Method above
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Extension construction
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Extension path
I Can't Believe It's Not Real Yorkshire Surprise Maximus, [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-1AB/2CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-1AB/2CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-1AB/4EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-1AB/5FG [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-1AB/6CD [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-two, Twenty-four
EP3-1BCDEFG/1FG [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-1BCDEFG/6CD [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen
EP3-2ABCDEFGH/2DEFGHIJK [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-2BCDEFGHI/1FG [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-2BCDEFGHI/2CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-2BCDEFGHI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-2BCDEFGHI/6CD [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-2DEFG/2CD [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-2DEFG/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-2DEFG/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-2DEFGHI/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Twenty-two
EP3-2FGHI/2EFGH [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-2FGHI/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-2FGHI/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-2FGHI/4GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-2GH/6JK [Unnamed] Surprise Sixteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/1FG [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/2CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-4BCDEFGHI/6CD [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-4DEFG/4CD [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4DEFG/6EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4DEFGHI/2CDEFGH [Unnamed] Delight Sixteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4FGHI/1FG [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-4FGHI/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-4FGHI/4EFGH [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-4FGHI/6CD [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-6ABCDEFGH/2DEFGHIJK [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-6BCDE/2EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BCDE/4GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6BCDEFGHI/4CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-6DE/4GH [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-6DEFG/2CD [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-6DEFG/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6DEFG/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-6FGHI/2EFGH [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6FGHI/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-6FGHI/4GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8BC/6IJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-8BCDE/2CD [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8BCDE/6CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-8BCDE/6CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-8BCDE/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8BCDEFGHI/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen
EP3-8BCDEFGHI/6CDEFGHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-8BCDEFGHI/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Eighteen
EP3-8DE/2CD [Unnamed] Surprise Maximus
EP3-8DE/6GH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
EP3-8DEFG/2EFGH [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8DEFG/4CDEF [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8DEFG/4GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8DEFGHI/6CDEFGH [Unnamed] Delight Sixteen
EP3-8FGHI/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen
EP3-8FGHI/6CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
EP3-8FGHI/6GHIJ [Unnamed] Surprise Fourteen
Method Place Notation
Beangram Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70.12.38-14-,12
Biddenden Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50.78.16-90,12
Braunstone Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-,12
Centennial Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-50-1678-90,12
Cold Ash Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70.12.38-14-50-16.78.90,12
Crowder Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50.78.1678-90,12
Denmisch Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-50-1678.78.90,12
Donnington Castle Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-1678.34.90,12
Ecumenical Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-50-16.78.90,12
Farewell Geoff Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70.12.38-14-,12
Farnham Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-16.34.90,12
Ferrybridge Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-,12
First Great Western Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-16.3478.90,12
G.J.Churchward Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-
Golden Wedding Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-,12
Harecroft Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70.12.38-14-50-1678-90,12
Henry Tudor Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-16-90-16-50-14-1238-70-16-50-14-30-12
Humber Ferry Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-16-
Humberside Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70.12.38-14-50-16-90,12
Neville Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-50-16-90,12
Percy's Tea Strainer Treble Place Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-1690-90,12
Pride of Romsey Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-50-1678.34.90,12
Quedgeley Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-1678-90,12
Ramsbury Bitter Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70.12.38-14-50-1678.34.90,12
Ramsdell Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70.12.38-14-50.78.16-90,12
St David's Cathedral Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-50.78.16-90,12
Wetherspoon Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-70-1238-14-50-16.34.90,12
Wye Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-16.78.90,12
Yorkshire Surprise Royal -30-14-50-16-1270-38-14-50-16-90,12
Date Type Details
Tue 19 Nov 2013 First quarter peal on towerbells 1282 at Minster Church of St Mary, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, conducted by Reg Hitchings
Retroactive recognition. Quarter peal
Method Id
Created on
Sat 23-Nov-13 05:10
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Modified on
Wed 28-Aug-19 09:51
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