East Intercourse Island Delight Minor

  • Adjacent
  • Identity
  • Jump
  • Static
  • Dynamic
Hunt bells
  • Principle
  • Hunter
    • One
    • Multiple
    • All
Working bell cycles
  • Monocyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
Hunter classes
  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
    • Single
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
Default calls
FCH Groups
Accepted extension path
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Reverse Irene's Birthday Delight Minor
EP3-1ABCD/1BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCD/1CD [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCD/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1ABCD/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1ABCD/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-1ABCD/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1ABCD/4DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-1ABCD/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1ABCDEF/1FG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCDEF/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCDEF/4FG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCDEF/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCDEF/5FG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-1BCDE/1BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-1BCDE/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1BCDE/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/3DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen
EP3-1BCDE/5DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1BCDE/5FG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1CDEF/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-1CDEF/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1CDEF/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-1CDEF/3DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1CDEF/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1CDEF/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen
EP3-1CDEF/5DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1CDEF/5FG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1DE/1CD [Unnamed] Delight Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1DE/1CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1DE/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1DE/1EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Maximus, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1DE/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Maximus, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1DE/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1DE/3EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Twenty
EP3-1DE/3FG [Unnamed] Delight Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1DE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1DE/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Maximus, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1DE/5FG [Unnamed] Delight Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-3AB/1BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3AB/1CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3AB/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-3AB/1EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Twenty
EP3-3AB/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-3AB/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Major, Royal, Maximus, Twenty, Twenty-Two
EP3-3AB/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-3AB/3CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3AB/3DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-3AB/3EF [Unnamed] Delight Twenty, Twenty-Two
EP3-3AB/4BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-3AB/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-3AB/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Sixteen, Twenty
EP3-3ABCD/1BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCD/1CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/4DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCDEF/1CD [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCDEF/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCDEF/4BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-3ABCDEF/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCDEF/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-3BC/1BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-3BC/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BC/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-3BC/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BC/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BC/3CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BC/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BC/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-3BC/5DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BCDE/1BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BCDE/1CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-3BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BCDE/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/3DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/3EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/4DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/5DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/5FG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4AB/1BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4AB/1CD [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-4AB/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4AB/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-4AB/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-4AB/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4AB/4DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4AB/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Maximus, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-4ABCD/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4ABCD/3DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/3EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCDEF/3EF [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-4BC/1BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-4BC/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BC/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BC/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4BC/3CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BC/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BC/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-4BC/5DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/1EF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-4BCDE/3EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-4BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/1CD [Unnamed] Delight Major, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/1CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/1EF [Unnamed] Delight Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-5AB/2BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/2CD [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Fourteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen
EP3-5AB/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/3DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/3EF [Unnamed] Delight Major, Fourteen
EP3-5AB/4BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-5AB/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/4DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Major, Royal, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/5DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCD/1BCDE [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCD/1DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCD/2DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCD/3DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCD/4CDEF [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCD/4DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCD/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCD/5DEFG [Unnamed] Delight Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5ABCDEF/1BCDEFG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-5ABCDEF/3FG [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-5ABCDEF/4EF [Unnamed] Delight Maximus, Twenty-Four
Method Place Notation
Actinium Delight Minor -56-1456-1256-16.34-34.56,12
Adam's iPhone Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16-34.12.3456.1234-34.16-12-1456-34-12
Aggies Treble Place Minor -34-14-12-16-1256-56,12
Alf Delight Minor -56-14-1256-16.34-34.56,12
Amethyst Delight Minor -56-1456-1256-16-12-56,12
Ashleworth Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.34-34.56,12
Aspley Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.34-34.56,12
Attenborough Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.34-12.56,12
Aussie Christmas Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-12.34.1256.1234-12.16-12-14-34-12
Badby Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16-34-56,12
Badgeworth Delight Minor 56-56.14-12-16.34-34.56,12
Balblair Treble Place Minor 56-56.14-12-16-1256-56,12
Balmenach Treble Place Minor 56-56.14-12-16-3456-56,12
Bashful Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.12-34.56,12
Ben Nevis Treble Place Minor -56-1456-12-16-1256-56,12
BenRiach Treble Place Minor -56-1456-12-16-3456-56,12
Berneslai Delight Minor 34-56.14-12-16.34-34.56,12
Bibbulmun Track Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.34-34.3456-34-16-12-14-56-12
Bland Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.12-1234.1256.34.12-16-12-1456-56-12
Bledhen Noweth Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.12-34.56,12
Bowmore Treble Place Minor -34-1456-12-16-1256-56,12
Braeval Treble Place Minor -34-1456-12-16-3456-56,12
Branston Delight Minor -34-14.1256.56-16.12-34.56,12
Braunston Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16.34-12.56,12
Bredons Norton Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16-34-56,12
Brora Treble Place Minor 34-56.14-12-16-1256-56,12
Bruichladdich Treble Place Minor 34-56.14-12-16-3456-56,12
Californium Delight Minor 56-56.14-1256-16-34-56,12
Camino de Santiago Delight Minor -56-14-12-16-12-1256.12-12.16-12-14-56-12
Cansves Forth Noweth war Whegh Clogh Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.12-12.1256-12-16-12-1456-56-12
Cassiterite Delight Minor 34-56.14-1256-16-12-56,12
Claremont Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.12-12.56,12
Claremont Treble Place Minor -56-1456-12-16.12.3456.12.56,12
Coast to Coast Delight Minor -56-14-12-16-34-3456.34-34.16-12-14-56-12
College Bob IV Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-34-56,12
College Bob IV Treble Place Minor -34-14-12-16-3456-56,12
Collings Golden Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16.34-34.3456-34-16-12-1456-34-12
Collinson Delight Minor -56-14-12-16-12.1234.56,12
Conspicuous Hill Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.34.1234.12.56,12
Corse Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-12-56,12
Cullacabardee Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-12-1256.12-12.16-12-1456-56-12
Dalwallinu Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-12.34.3456-1234.34.16-12-14-34-12
Dioptase Delight Minor 34-56.14-1256-16-34-56,12
Dipsy Delight Minor -3456-1456-12-16-34-56,12
Disaster Cove Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.12-34.56,12
Dismal Swamp Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-34.1234.56,12
Dodford Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16.12-12.56,12
DPRK Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.12-12.56,12
East Haddon Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16-34.1234.56,12
Einsteinium Delight Minor 56-56.14-1256-16.34-12.56,12
Elmore Delight Minor 56-56.14-12-16-34-56,12
Enoggera Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-34.12.3456.1234-34.16-12-14-34-12
Exton Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16.12-34.56,12
Fermium Delight Minor 56-56.14-1256-16.34-34.56,12
Flint Delight Minor 34-56.14-1256-16.34-12.56,12
Forth Dewetha an Vledhen Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.12.1234.34.56,12
Francium Delight Minor -56-1456-1256-16-34-56,12
Gidgegannup Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-34.12.3456.1234-34.16-12-1456-56-12
Girrawheen Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-12-1256.12-12.16-12-14-34-12
Glaston Minor -34-14-12-16-1256.1234-1234.12-16-12-14-34-12
Gnangara Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.34-34.3456-34-16-12-1456-56-12
Granny Joan Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.34.1234.12.56,12
Grumpy Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-34.1234.56,12
Gunnarsson Delight Minor 56-,12
Hahnemann Delight Minor 56-,12
Hahnium Delight Minor -34-1456-1256-16.34-34.56,12
Handy Loop Delight Minor 34-34.1456-12-16.34-34.56,12
Happy Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.12-12.56,12
Hasfield Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.34-12.56,12
Hell Hound Hill Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.34-12.56,12
Hempsted Delight Minor 56-56.14-12-16.34-12.56,12
Hopeless Reach Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.34.1234.34.56,12
Horsham St Faith Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-12.1234.56,12
Hydrargyrum Delight Minor -34-14-1256-16.34-12.56,12
Iceland Spar Delight Minor 34-56.14-1256-16.34-34.56,12
Indooroopilly Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34.1234.12.3456.1234.12-16-12-14-34-12
Innaloo Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-34-3456.34-34.16-12-1456-56-12
Jet Delight Minor 56-56.14-1256-16-12-56,12
Joondalup Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-12.1234.3456.12.1234.34.16-12-1456-56-12
Jubilee Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-12-56,12
Kensa Forth an Vledhen Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.12.1234.34.56,12
Kimbolton Delight Minor 34-56.14.56-12.16.12-34.56,12
Kingsthorpe Treble Place Minor -34-14-12-16-1256.1234.56,12
Konnongorring Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.34.1234.12.3456.1234.12-16-12-1456-56-12
Kurchatovium Delight Minor -34-1456-1256-16.34-12.56,12
Laa-Laa Delight Minor -3456-1456-12-16.34-12.56,12
Laburnham Road Delight Minor 34-,12
Lancelin Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-12.1234.3456.12.1234.34.16-12-14-34-12
Laughton Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16.34-12.56,12
Laura's Facebook Page Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16.34-1234.3456.12.34-16-12-1456-34-12
Lawrencium Delight Minor -34-1456-1256-16-34-56,12
Mendelevium Delight Minor -34-1456-1256-16-12-56,12
Mercury Delight Minor -34-14-1256-16-34-56,12
Meysey Hampton Delight Minor 56-56.14-12-16-12-56,12
Mount Augustus Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-34-3456.34-34.16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Buggery Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.34-34.3456-34-16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Carnage Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-34.12.3456.1234-34.16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Destruction Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.34-1234.3456.12.34-16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Exertion Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-12-1256.12-12.16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Fatigue Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.12-12.1256-12-16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Groper Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-12.34.1256.1234-12.16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount High and Mighty Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.12-1234.1256.34.12-16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Illbillee Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.34.1234.12.3456.1234.12-16-12-14.34-34.12
Mount Jerrybang Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-12.1234.3456.12.1234.34.16-12-14.34-34.12
Mt Nameless Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16-12.1234.56,12
Murty Delight Minor 56-,12
Nativity Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16-12.34.1256.1234-12.16-12-1456-34-12
Neerabup Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.34.1234-3456.34.12-16-12-1456-56-12
Nether Heyford Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16.34-34.56,12
New Year Delight Minor -56-14-12-16-34.1234.56,12
Newdigate Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34-12.56,12
Newnham Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16-12-56,12
Not-so-Remarkable Cave Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.12.1234.34.56,12
Oakwell Delight Minor 34-56.14-12-16-12-56,12
Old Oxford Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-12-56,12
Oombulgurri Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34-1234.3456.12.34-16-12-14-34-12
Packhorse Delight Minor 34-56.14-12-16-34-56,12
Pershore Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16-12-56,12
Pevensey Bay Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16.34-34.56,12
Pizza Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16-34-3456.34-34.16-12-1456-34-12
Po Delight Minor -3456-1456-12-16.34-34.56,12
Potterspury Minor -34-14-12-16-34.1234-1234.3456-16-12-14-34-12
Quinns Rocks Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-12.34.3456-1234.34.16-12-1456-56-12
Radium Delight Minor -56-1456-1256-16.34-12.56,12
Romsey Treble Place Minor -34-14-12-16.34.1256.34.56,12
Rosie Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16-12.34.3456-1234.34.16-12-1456-34-12
Rotten Bay Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.12-12.56,12
Rule Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16-12-1256.12-12.16-12-1456-34-12
S&M Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16.34.1234-3456.34.12-16-12-1456-34-12
Sandhills Way Delight Minor 34-,12
Shorey Delight Minor 56-,12
Should "of" Been a Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16.12-12.1256-12-16-12-1456-34-12
Shrove Tuesday Delight Minor 34-56.14-12-16.34-12.56,12
Sleepy Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34.1234.34.56,12
Staunton Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-34-56,12
Swanbourne Delight Minor -34-1456-12-16.12-1234.1256.34.12-16-12-1456-34-12
Thallium Delight Minor -34-14-1256-16.34-34.56,12
The Big One Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.34.1234.34.56,12
Tinky Winky Delight Minor -3456-1456-12-16-12-56,12
Tonne Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-12.1234.56,12
Uluṟu Delight Minor -34-14-12-16-34-3456.34-34.16-12-14-34-12
Ununoctium Delight Minor -56-14-1256-16.34-12.56,12
Ununpentium Delight Minor -56-14-1256-16-12-56,12
Ununseptium Delight Minor -56-14-1256-16-34-56,12
Useless Loop Delight Minor 34-34.14-12-16.34-34.56,12
Victory Heights Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16.34-1234.3456.12.34-16-12-1456-56-12
Visual Method Archive Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.12.1234.34.56,12
Wappenham Delight Minor 3456.56-14-12-16.12-34.56,12
Warkton Minor -34-14-12-16-12.1234-1234.1256-16-12-14-34-12
West Highland Way Delight Minor -56-14-12-16.12-12.1256-12-16-12-14-56-12
West Wyalong Delight Minor -56-1456-12-16-12.34.1256.1234-12.16-12-1456-56-12
Wharton Road Delight Minor 34-,12
Willesden Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34-34.56,12
Winthorpe Delight Minor -56-14-12-16-12-56,12
Wollaton Delight Minor -56-14-12-16-34-56,12
Woodford Halse Delight Minor 34-56.1456-12-16-12.1234.56,12
Woolloomooloo Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34.1234-3456.34.12-16-12-14-34-12
Woolloongabba Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34-34.3456-34-16-12-14-34-12
Xantippe Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.12-1234.3456.12.34.1234.16-12-14-34-12
Ytterbium Delight Minor -34-14-1256-16-12-56,12
Zanthus Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.12-12.1256-12-16-12-14-34-12
Zeals Delight Minor -34-14-12-16.34.1234.12.56,12
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