Holborn Bob Minor

known as Holborn Slow Course Minor until 5/31/2019
  • Adjacent
  • Identity
  • Jump
  • Static
  • Dynamic
Hunt bells
  • Principle
  • Hunter
    • One
    • Multiple
    • All
Working bell cycles
  • Monocyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
Hunter classes
  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
    • Single
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation,12
Default calls
Method above
Method below
FCH Groups
Accepted extension path
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Leadend/halflead variant Finghall Lane Bob Minor, Tytherington Bob Minor
Double work above Basingstoke Bob Minor
EP2 [Unnamed] Bob Triples
EP3-1AB/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-1AB/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-1ABCD/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCDEF/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-1ABCDEF/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-1ABCDEF/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-1BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2AB/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-2AB/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-2AB/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2AB/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-2ABCD/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-2ABCD/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2ABCDEF/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-2BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2BCDE/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CD/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CD/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-2CD/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-2CD/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-2CDEF/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2DE/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-2DE/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-3ABCDEF/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-3ABCDEF/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP3-3ABCDEF/4BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3CDEF/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3CDEF/2EF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP4-2/3:2:4 [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
Method Place Notation
Acton Town Bob Minor -,12
Adrian Parry Bob Minor -14-36-1256,12
Adzor Bob Minor,12
Aggers Bob Minor -1456-36.1234.1256,12
All Saints Nottingham Bob Minor,12
Alperton Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.34.1256,12
Arnos Grove Bob Minor,12
Around 50 Bob Minor,12
Arsenal Bob Minor -14.12.36-1256,12
Aylton Bob Minor -1456.12.36-1256,12
Baker Street Slow Bob Minor -14-1236.34.1256,12
Bank Bob Minor,12
Barons Court Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36.12.1256,12
Basin Reserve Bob Minor 3456.1456-36.12.1256,12
Bearded Wonder Bob Minor 34.1456-1236.34.1256,12
Bermondsey Bob Minor 56.1456.,12
Blackfriars Bob Minor 34.14-36.1234.1256,12
Boycott Bingo Bob Minor 34.1456-36.12.1256,12
Burlingjobb Bob Minor 56.14-1236-1256,12
Canonford Bob Minor -1456-1236-1256,12
Centurion Bob Minor 3456.1456.12.36-1256,12
Chocolate Cake Bob Minor -1456.12.36.1234.1256,12
CMJ Bob Minor 34.1456-36.1234.1256,12
Cockfosters Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36.1234.1256,12
Coolydoody Bob Minor,12
Corridor of Uncertainty Bob Minor -1456.,12
Cottesmore Bob Minor -14-1236-1256,12
Cover Bob Minor,12
Cow Corner Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36.12.1256,12
Craswall Bob Minor 56.1456.12.36-1256,12
Croxley Bob Minor -1456.56.36.1234.1256,12
Deep Extra Bob Minor,12
Dollis Hill Bob Minor 34.14-36-1256,12
Durlow Common Bob Minor -1456-36.12.1256,12
Eardisley Slow Bob Minor -1456-36-1256,12
Earls Court Bob Minor -,12
East Finchley Bob Minor,12
East London Line Bob Minor -,12
Eastcote Bob Minor,12
Eaton Hill Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236-1256,12
Echidna Slow Bob Minor -1456-36-56.12.36-1456-12
Eden Gardens Bob Minor 56.1456.12.36.1234.1256,12
Eden Park Bob Minor 56.1456.,12
Edgbaston Slow Bob Minor 3456.1456-1236-1256,12
Edgware Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236-1256,12
Edgware Road Bob Minor 34.14-1236-1256,12
Euston Square Bob Minor -1456.,12
Finchley Central Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236.34.1256,12
Finchley Road Bob Minor -14-36.34.1256,12
Fine Leg Bob Minor -14.1256.36.12.1256,12
Finsbury Park Slow Bob Minor,12
Fly Slip Bob Minor -,12
Funnelweb Slow Bob Minor -14-1236-56-36-14-12
Galle Place Minor 3456.1456.12.1236.34.1256,12
Garden Orb Slow Bob Minor -14-36-56.12.36-14-12
Golders Green Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.1236-1256,12
Green Park Bob Minor -1456.56.36-1256,12
Gully Bob Minor -14.56.1236.34.1256,12
Hampstead Slow Bob Minor -14.12.1236.34.1256,12
Harlesden Bob Minor 56.14-1236.34.1256,12
Harrow-on-the-Hill Bob Minor -14-36.1234.1256,12
Hergest Ridge Bob Minor 56.14-36-1256,12
Hilton Bob Minor -1456-36.34.1256,12
Holywell Bob Minor 56.1456-36.34.1256,12
Houghton Bob Minor -,12
Ickenham Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36.34.1256,12
John Arlott Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Johnners Bob Minor 34.1456-1236-1256,12
Julie McDonnell Slow Bob Minor -14-1236.12.1256,12
Kensington Oval Bob Minor 3456.1456-36.1234.1256,12
King's Cross St Pancras Bob Minor -14-36.12.1256,12
Kingsbury Bob Minor 56.14-36.34.1256,12
Leg Over Bob Minor 34.1456.12.1236.34.1256,12
Leg Slip Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36.1234.1256,12
Leicester Square Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.1234.1256,12
Llanveynoe Bob Minor 56.1456-36-1256,12
Long Leg Bob Minor -14.1256.36.1234.1256,12
Long Off Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36.34.1256,12
Long On Bob Minor -14.1256.1236.34.1256,12
Mid Off Bob Minor -14.1256.36.34.1256,12
Mid On Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36-1256,12
Mid Wicket Bob Minor 34.14.1256.1236.34.1256,12
Mill Hill East Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.1236.34.1256,12
My Dear Old Thing Bob Minor -1456-1236.34.1256,12
Neasden Slow Bob Minor -1456.,12
Newlands Slow Bob Minor 3456.1456.,12
North Ealing Bob Minor,12
North Wembley Bob Minor 34.14-1236.34.1256,12
Northwick Park Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Oakwood Bob Minor,12
Old Street Bob Minor -14.12.1236-1256,12
Osterley Slow Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36-1256,12
Paddington Bob Minor -1456.56.1236.34.1256,12
Piccadilly Circus Bob Minor -1456.56.1236-1256,12
Pixley Bob Minor -1456.12.1236-1256,12
Platypus Slow Bob Minor -1456.12.1236-1256.12.1236-1456-12
Point Bob Minor,12
Premadasa Bob Minor 56.1456.12.1236.34.1256,12
Queensbury Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Redback Slow Bob Minor -14-36-56-1236-14-12
Regent's Park Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236-1256,12
Rickmansworth Slow Bob Minor 34.1456.56.36.1234.1256,12
Rowlstone Bob Minor 3456.1456-36-1256,12
Russell Square Bob Minor -1456.1256.36-1256,12
Ruth's on the Treble Slow Bob Minor 56.1456-1236-1256,12
Sabina Park Bob Minor 56.1456-36.1234.1256,12
Salcombe Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.34.1256,12
Sam Maguire Place Minor 3456.1456.12.36.1234.1256,12
Shilpa Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Shipping Forecast Bob Minor 34.1456.12.36-1256,12
Shoreditch Bob Minor,12
Shucknall Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36-1256,12
Slip Bob Minor,12
South Kensington Bob Minor,12
Southgate Bob Minor 3456.1456.,12
Square Leg Bob Minor 34.14.1256.1236-1256,12
St Deiniols Bob Minor -14.56.1236-1256,12
St James's Park Bob Minor 56.14-36.12.1256,12
St Mary Staines Bob Minor,12
Stanmore Bob Minor 34.14-36.34.1256,12
Stick of Rhubarb Bob Minor -1456.,12
Sutton Bob Minor,12
Swiss Cottage Bob Minor 34.1456.56.36-1256,12
Tarrington Bob Minor 34.1456-36-1256,12
The Alderman Bob Minor 34.1456.12.1236-1256,12
The Angel Bob Minor -14.56.36-1256,12
The Bridge Bob Minor,12
The Castle Bob Minor -14.1256.1236-1256,12
The Dog Bob Minor -,12
The Gabba Bob Minor 3456.1456-36.34.1256,12
The Plough Bob Minor -14.1256.36-1256,12
The Primary Club Bob Minor 34.1456.12.36.1234.1256,12
Third Man Bob Minor,12
TMS Bob Minor 34.1456-36.34.1256,12
Totteridge & Whetstone Bob Minor,12
Trent Bridge Place Minor 3456.1456-1236.34.1256,12
Turnham Green Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.12.1256,12
View from the Boundary Bob Minor -1456.12.1236.34.1256,12
WACA Bob Minor 56.1456-1236.34.1256,12
Walterstone Slow Bob Minor 56.1456-36.12.1256,12
Wankhede Bob Minor 3456.1456.12.1236-1256,12
Watford Bob Minor 56.14-36.1234.1256,12
Wembley Central Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236.34.1256,12
West Finchley Bob Minor,12
West Harrow Bob Minor 34.14-36.12.1256,12
Whitetail Slow Bob Minor -14-36.12.56-36-14-12
Wollaton Slow Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.12.1256,12
Wordsley Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236.34.1256,12
Wormbridge Bob Minor 56.1456.12.1236-1256,12
Wragby Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.1234.1256,12
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Ringing World (2004) 1167
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Thu 17-May-12 19:32 by Method Importer
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