Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers Place Minor

  • Adjacent
  • Identity
  • Jump
  • Static
  • Dynamic
Hunt bells
  • Principle
  • Hunter
    • Single
    • Multiple
    • All
Working bell cycles
  • Unicyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
Hunter classes
  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
l 164523
Method above
Method below
FCH Groups
Extension construction
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Leadend/halflead variant Leyburn Place Minor, Rockware Bob Minor
1AB/3FG extension [Unnamed] Bob Major
1AB/4DEFG extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal
2BC/2DEFG extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
2BC/3DEFG extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
2BC/2FG extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
2BC/4FG extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
2BC/3EF extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
2BC/2DE extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-two
2DE/2FG extension [Unnamed] Bob Major
2DE/4FG extension [Unnamed] Bob Major
2DE/3EF extension [Unnamed] Bob Major
2DE/1DE extension [Unnamed] Bob Major
2DE/2DE extension [Unnamed] Bob Major
2DE/3DE extension [Unnamed] Bob Major
1DE/1CDEF extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal
1DE/2CD extension [Unnamed] Bob Royal
Method Place Notation
Birmingham Oratory Bob Minor -1456.56.36.1234.56,16
Bobby Bob Minor,16
Broad Green Bob Minor -1456.56.1236-56,16
Bubbles Bob Minor,16
BUSCR Bob Minor -1456.,16
Castle Bromwich Place Minor -1456.1256.36.1234.56,16
Dinah Bob Minor,16
Earith Bob Minor -14.12.1236.34.56,16
Edgbaston Old Church Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.34.56,16
Edom Bob Minor -14-36.1234.56,16
Emergency Stop Bob Minor,16
FCW Bob Minor,16
Feet Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236.34.56,16
Gollum Bob Minor,16
Great Barr Bob Minor -1456.56.36-56,16
Hereward the Wake Bob Minor -14-1236.12.56,16
Hough-on-the-Hill Bob Minor -,16
Huyton Bob Minor -1456.1256.36-56,16
J2O Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236-56,16
Judah Bob Minor -14-36.34.56,16
Liverpool Lime Street Bob Minor -1456.56.1236.34.56,16
London Bob Minor -14-36-56,16
Lytham Bob Minor -14-36.12.56,16
Moab Bob Minor -14-1236.34.56,16
Monks of Ely Bob Minor -14-1236.1234.56,16
Overbury Bob Minor -14.12.36-56,16
Precious Place Minor,16
Prescot Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236.34.56,16
Roby Bob Minor -1456.,16
Sméagol Bob Minor,16
St Helens Central Bob Minor -1456.56.1236.12.56,16
St Mary's Priory Warrington Place Minor -1456.56.1236.1234.56,16
Staunton Bob Minor -,16
Steve the Legend Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36-56,16
Syston Drift Bob Minor -,16
The Priory Hospital Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.12.56,16
The Ship Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.34.56,16
Vermuyden Bob Minor -14.12.1236-56,16
Wavertree Technology Park Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236-56,16
Westlecott Bob Minor -14-1236-56,16
Zzzzz... Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.12.56,16
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Thu 17-May-12 19:32
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Fri 31-May-19 23:23
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