Festiniog Bob Minor

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  • Identity
  • Jump
  • Static
  • Dynamic
Hunt bells
  • Principle
  • Hunter
    • One
    • Multiple
    • All
Working bell cycles
  • Monocyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
Hunter classes
  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
    • Single
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
Default calls
Method above
Method below
FCH Groups
Accepted extension path
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Leadend/halflead variant Galle Place Minor
Reverse Grizedale Bob Minor
Double work above Double Penrhyn Place Minor
Double work below Double Field Broughton Bob Minor
EP2 [Unnamed] Bob Triples
EP3-1ABCD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCD/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1ABCD/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-1BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2ABCD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-2ABCD/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-2ABCD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-2ABCD/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2BC/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-2BC/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-2BC/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-2BC/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-2BC/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2BCDE/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2BCDE/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-2BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CDEF/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CDEF/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CDEF/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2DE/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-2DE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-2DE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3AB/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3AB/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3AB/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCD/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3ABCD/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BC/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BC/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BC/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BC/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BCDE/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BCDE/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3BCDE/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3CD/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Eighteen
EP3-3CD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3CD/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Eighteen
EP3-3CD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3CD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-3CDEF/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-3CDEF/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-3CDEF/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-3CDEF/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4AB/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4AB/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-4AB/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4AB/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-4AB/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Twenty-Two
EP3-4ABCDEF/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-4BC/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Eighteen
EP3-4BC/1BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-4BC/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BC/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Eighteen
EP3-4BC/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-4BC/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BC/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-4BC/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BC/4BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-4BC/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-4BCDE/4CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/1BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/1FG [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-5AB/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-5AB/2BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/3BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5AB/4BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-5ABCD/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCD/1CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCD/2BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCD/2CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCD/3CDEF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Eighteen
EP3-5ABCDEF/4BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Twenty-Four
EP3-5ABCDEF/5BCDEFG [Unnamed] Bob Maximus, Eighteen, Twenty-Four
EP4-2/5:2:5 [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
Method Place Notation
70th Birthday Place Minor 3456.1456.1256.36.1234.56,12
Abbeyfold Bob Minor 34.1456.12.1236.1234.56,12
Abbeystead Bob Minor -1456.,12
Aberffrwd Bob Minor 3456.1456-36.12.56,12
Abergynolwyn Bob Minor 56.1456-36.34.56,12
Aberystwyth Bob Minor 3456.1456.12.36-56,12
Abram Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36-56,12
Afon Fathew Bob Minor 56.1456.12.36.1234.56,12
Afon Rheidol Bob Minor 3456.1456.,12
Allerton Bob Minor -14-1236.12.56,12
Alton Bob Minor 56.14-1236-56,12
Andover Bob Minor 56.14-36-56,12
Appletreewick Bob Minor,12
Armitage Bob Minor -14-36.1234.56,12
Ashton-in-Makerfield Bob Minor,12
Ayside Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36.1234.56,12
Backbarrow Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36.34.56,12
Bacton Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.36.1234.56,12
Baltasound Bob Minor 34.14-36-56,12
Basingstoke Bob Minor 56.14-36.12.56,12
Beaconside Bob Minor 34.14-36.1234.56,12
Bescot Bob Minor,12
Billinge Beacon Bob Minor,12
Birkenhead Mollington Street Bob Minor -,12
Blaenau Ffestiniog Bob Minor 3456.1456-36.34.56,12
Blue Vitriol Bob Minor -14.12.1236-56-1236.12.1456-1256
Bob Bob Minor -1456-1236.12.56-36-1456-12
Boddington Cheltenham Bob Minor 3456.1456.1256.1236.12.56,12
Bollington Bob Minor 56.14-1236.34.56,12
Bredwardine Bob Minor 56.1456.56.1236.12.56,12
Brimpsfield Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.36-56,12
Brimton Common Bob Minor,12
Bromsberrow Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.36.12.56,12
Bromyard Bob Minor 56.1456.12.1236.12.56,12
Bryn Bob Minor,12
Brynglas Bob Minor 56.1456-1236.34.56,12
Capel Bangor Bob Minor 3456.1456-1236-56,12
Capernwray Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36-56,12
Carlisle Kingmoor Bob Minor -14.1256.36.1234.56,12
Carr Mill Dam Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.34.56,12
Caton Moor Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.1234.56,12
Caustic Potash Bob Minor -
Chopping Block Bob Minor,12
Christchurch Bob Minor -1456-36.12.56,12
Christmas Day Bob Minor -1456-36-56-36-14.56.12
Clodock Bob Minor 56.1456.56.36-56,12
Clougha Pike Bob Minor -1456.56.1236.34.56,12
Clunbury Bob Minor -14.1256.1236.1234.56,12
Cockshute Bob Minor,12
Coed Craigyrogof Bob Minor 56.1456-36.12.56,12
Coppull Bob Minor,12
Corkerhill Bob Minor -14.56.1236.34.56,12
Cors Goch Glan Teifi Bob Minor 56.1456.,12
Corse Bob Minor -,12
Craigentinny Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36-56,12
Crewe Diesel Bob Minor 34.1456-36.34.56,12
Crewe Electric Bob Minor 34.1456-1236-56,12
Crewe Works Bob Minor 34.1456.12.1236.34.56,12
Cricklewood Bob Minor,12
Croess Newydd Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Crook Bob Minor -,12
Crown Court Bob Minor -14.12.1236.34.56,12
Culcheth Bob Minor,12
Culduthel Bob Minor 34.14-36.12.56,12
Derby Etches Park Bob Minor -14.56.1236-56,12
Devils Bridge Bob Minor 3456.1456-36-56,12
Dolgoch Bob Minor 56.1456-36.1234.56,12
Dolphinholme Bob Minor -1456.56.1236-56,12
Dorstone Bob Minor 56.1456.56.1236.1234.56,12
Double Ashford Chart Leacon Bob Minor -14.1256.36-56,12
Double Boothby Pagnell Bob Minor 34.1456-1236.34.56,12
Double Brookhouse Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236-56,12
Double Burton Pedwardine Bob Minor 34.14-36.34.56,12
Double Concrete Block Place Minor 3456.1456.1256.1236.1234.56,12
Double Danbury Bob Minor -14-1236-1256-36-1456-1256
Double Fairlie Bob Minor 56.1456-1236.12.56,12
Double Field Broughton Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.1236.34.56,12
Double Oxford Bob Minor -14-36-56,12
Double Penrhyn Place Minor 3456.1456-1236.1234.56,12
Double Platt Bridge Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.12.56,12
Double Staunton-on-Arrow Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.1236.12.56,12
Double Toton Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36.34.56,12
Eardisley Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.1236-56,12
East Worldham Bob Minor,12
Eastleigh Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36.1234.56,12
Eccleston Park Bob Minor -1456-36.1234.56,12
Edge Hill Bob Minor -14.12.1236-56,12
Elmstone Hardwicke Place Minor 3456.1456.12.1236.1234.56,12
Evington Cheltenham Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.1236.1234.56,12
Evison Bob Minor -,12
Ewyas Harold Bob Minor -1456.12.1236.12.56,12
Exeter St Davids Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36.12.56,12
Farleton Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36.12.56,12
Finsbury Park Bob Minor,12
Finsthwaite Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236.34.56,12
Frankenstein Day Bob Minor 3456.1456.,12
Garston Bob Minor -1456.12.36.1234.56,12
Gerald McIlhone Bob Minor -14-36.12.56-1236-14-12
Golborne Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236-56,12
Golden Anniversary Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236.12.56,12
Grassington Bob Minor 56.14-36.1234.56,12
Great Washbourne Bob Minor 34.14.1256.1236.12.56,12
Gretton Cheltenham Bob Minor 34.14.1256.1236.1234.56,12
Grizedale Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236.1234.56,12
Guide Bridge Bob Minor 34.1456.12.36-56,12
Halewood Bob Minor -1456.12.1236.34.56,12
Hall Road Bob Minor -14.56.36-56,12
Hammerton Street Bob Minor -14.1256.1236-56,12
Hawthornthwaite Fell Bob Minor -1456.,12
Hayling Island Bob Minor -1456.12.1236-56,12
Haylot Fell Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.34.56,12
Haymarket Bob Minor,12
Hereford Bull Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236.12.56,12
Hindley Bob Minor,12
Hither Green Bob Minor 34.14.1256.1236.34.56,12
Hookagate Bob Minor 34.1456.12.36.1234.56,12
Hull Botanic Gardens Bob Minor -14.1256.1236.34.56,12
Huna Bob Minor 34.14-1236-56,12
Hunts Cross Bob Minor -1456.,12
Jade Anniversary Bob Minor 3456.1456.1256.36.34.56,12
Junction Bob Minor,12
Kemerton Bob Minor -14.12.36-56,12
Kettleshulme Bob Minor 56.14-1236.1234.56,12
Knife Block Bob Minor,12
Lee-on-the-Solent Bob Minor -1456.12.36-56,12
Lerwick Bob Minor 34.14-1236.12.56,12
Little My Bob Minor -1456-36.12.56-1236-1456-12
Llanbadarn Fawr Bob Minor 3456.1456-1236.12.56,12
Llanthony Bob Minor 56.1456.,12
Lowton Bob Minor,12
Mallowdale Fell Bob Minor -1456.56.36.1234.56,12
Mannamead Bob Minor 56.14-36.34.56,12
Marshaw Bob Minor -1456.56.1236.12.56,12
Middle Maes-coed Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.36.34.56,12
Minffordd Bob Minor 3456.1456.,12
Minsterworth Bob Minor,12
Miserable Thursday Afternoon Bob Minor 56.1456.,12
Monkshood Bob Minor -14-1236.
Moomintroll Bob Minor -1456-36-1256-1236-1456-12
Mymble's Daughter Bob Minor -1456-1236-56.12.36-1456-12
Nether Kellet Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236.12.56,12
Neville Hill Bob Minor -,12
New Kid on the Block Bob Minor,12
Newby Bridge Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Newton Heath Bob Minor 34.1456-1236.12.56,12
Newton St Margaret Bob Minor 3456.1456.1256.36.12.56,12
Newton-le-Willows Bob Minor,12
North Cave New Bob Minor -1456.12.1236.1234.56,12
Number of the Beast Bob Minor,12
Nunburnholme New Bob Minor -14.12.1236.1234.56,12
Oak Apple Day Bob Minor 3456.1456.56.1236.12.56,12
Old Oak Common Bob Minor -14.56.1236.12.56,12
Oldcastle Bob Minor 3456.1456.56.36-56,12
Orkney Bob Minor,12
Orpington Bob Minor -14.1256.36.34.56,12
Over Kellet Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.1236-56,12
Oxenton Bob Minor 56.1456.12.1236.1234.56,12
Paisley Bob Minor -14-1236.1234.56,12
Pamington Bob Minor 3456.1456.1256.1236-56,12
Pendre Bob Minor 56.1456-1236.1234.56,12
Pharmacolite Bob Minor -14-
Pilkington Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236.34.56,12
Pinehaven Bob Minor -14-36-1256-1236-14-12
Pinehurst Bob Minor -14-1236-56,12
Pontrhydygroes Bob Minor 56.1456.12.36-56,12
Porthmadog Harbour Place Minor 3456.1456.12.36.1234.56,12
Portsmouth Bob Minor -1456-1236-56,12
Pott Shrigley Bob Minor,12
Price Bob Minor 34.1456-36.12.56,12
Priest Hutton Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236-56,12
Prussic Acid Bob Minor -14.12.36-56-36.12.1456-1256
Queen Elizabeth II Bob Minor 3456.1456.1256.1236.34.56,12
Quernmore Bob Minor -1456.56.36-56,12
Ripple Lane Bob Minor -14.56.1236.1234.56,12
Rockware Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.1234.56,12
Rosegrove Bob Minor 34.1456-36.1234.56,12
Scapa Flow Bob Minor,12
Sherfield-on-Loddon Bob Minor,12
Shetland Bob Minor,12
Shields Road Bob Minor -14.1256.36.12.56,12
Slade Green Bob Minor -,12
Snodhill Bob Minor 3456.1456.56.36.1234.56,12
Snufkin Bob Minor -1456-1236-1256-36-1456-12
Socially-Distanced Bob Minor 56.1456.56.1236.34.56,12
Southam Cheltenham Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.1236.12.56,12
Speke Bob Minor -1456-1236.34.56,12
Spithead Bob Minor -1456.,12
Springs Branch Bob Minor 34.1456-36-56,12
St Swithun Bob Minor 56.1456.56.1236-56,12
Stanley Pontlarge Bob Minor 34.1456.12.1236.12.56,12
Starting Block Bob Minor -14.12.1236.12.56,12
Staveley-in-Cartmel Bob Minor 34.1456.56.36.1234.56,12
Stewarts Lane Bob Minor,12
Stoke Orchard Bob Minor 3456.1456.12.1236.12.56,12
Stratford Bob Minor,12
Sudeley Manor Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236.1234.56,12
Sugar of Lead Bob Minor -14-1236-56-1236-1456-1256
Super Court Bob Minor -14-36.34.56,12
Sutton Scotney Bob Minor 56.14-1236.12.56,12
Swydd-Ffynnon Bob Minor 56.1456-1236-56,12
Talyllyn Bob Minor 56.1456.12.1236.34.56,12
Tan-y-Bwlch Bob Minor 3456.1456-1236.34.56,12
Tanygrisiau Bob Minor 3456.1456-36.1234.56,12
Tarbock Green Bob Minor -1456-1236.1234.56,12
Tarnbrook Bob Minor -1456.1256.36-56,12
Teddington Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.1236.34.56,12
Thelwall Bob Minor -14-36.12.56,12
Thingumy Bob Minor -1456-36-56.12.1236-1456-12
Thorndon Bob Minor -14-1236-1256-36-14-12
Tillington Bob Minor 34.14-1236.34.56,12
Tour of Britain Bob Minor 56.14-1236-56.12.36-14.56.12
Turnastone Bob Minor 3456.1456.56.1236-56,12
Ty'n-y-graig Bob Minor 56.1456.12.1236-56,12
Tytherington Bob Minor,12
Tywyn Bob Minor 56.1456.,12
Upper Brow Top Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.12.56,12
Upper Maes-coed Bob Minor 3456.1456.1256.36-56,12
Upton Cheyney Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Urishay Bob Minor 56.1456.56.36.1234.56,12
V J Day Bob Minor 3456.1456.56.1236.34.56,12
Vale-of-Rheidol Bob Minor 3456.1456.12.1236-56,12
Vaynol Hall Bob Minor 34.14-1236.1234.56,12
Walterstone Bob Minor 3456.1456.,12
Warden Hill Cheltenham Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236.1234.56,12
Warrington Arpley Bob Minor 34.1456.12.1236-56,12
Waterly Bottom Bob Minor 34.1456-1236.1234.56,12
Watford Junction Bob Minor 34.14.1256.1236-56,12
Webbs Wonder Bob Minor -1456-36.34.56,12
Whins Brow Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236.34.56,12
Whit Monday Place Minor 3456.1456.56.1236.1234.56,12
Whitchurch Bob Minor -14-1236.34.56,12
Whitney-on-Wye Bob Minor -14.1256.1236.12.56,12
Willesden Bob Minor,12
Wimborne Minster Bob Minor -1456-1236.12.56,12
Winchester College Bob Minor -1456-36-56,12
Wolf's Bane Bob Minor -14-36-56-36-1456-1256
Wolfhole Crag Bob Minor -1456.56.1236.1234.56,12
Woodridge Bob Minor -14-1236-56.12.36-14-12
Wormington Bob Minor 56.1456.1256.1236.1234.56,12
Xebec Bob Minor,12
Yealand Conyers Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Yealand Redmayne Bob Minor 34.1456.56.36-56,12
Ysbyty-Ystwyth Bob Minor 56.1456-36-56,12
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Plain Minor Methods 1117
Ringing World (1983) 648
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