Wiggenhall St Mary the Virgin Bob Minor

  • Adjacent
  • Identity
  • Jump
  • Static
  • Dynamic
Hunt bells
  • Principle
  • Hunter
    • One
    • Multiple
    • All
Working bell cycles
  • Monocyclic
  • Isocyclic
  • Differential
Hunter classes
  • Plain
    • Place
    • Bob
    • Single
  • Treble Dodging
    • Treble Bob
    • Delight
    • Surprise
  • Alliance
  • Treble Place
  • Hybrid
  • Little
  • Asymmetric
  • Palindromic
  • Double
  • Rotational
  • Offset
  • Plain Bob
  • Grandsire
  • Original
  • Cyclic
  • Rounds
Course properties
  • True plain course
  • True leads
  • Right place
  • Uneven parity
  • Layered
Place notation
f 142635
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FCH Groups
Extension construction
Compositions designed for this method
Leads in course
Lead length
Plain course length
Hunt bells
Working bells
Stationary bells
Maximum blows in one place
Relationship Method(s)
Leadend/halflead variant Little Dewchurch Bob Minor, Tanworth-in-Arden Differential Bob Minor, The Plough Bob Minor, Camden Town Bob Minor, Double Ashford Chart Leacon Bob Minor, Double Oak Farm Bob Minor, Leeming Bar Bob Minor
Reverse Leeming Bar Bob Minor
Double work above Double Ashford Chart Leacon Bob Minor
Double work below Double Oak Farm Bob Minor
EP2 [Unnamed] Bob Triples
EP3-1AB/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1AB/1CD [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1AB/1EF [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1AB/2DE [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1ABCD/1DEFG [Unnamed] Bob Royal
EP3-1CD/2CD [Unnamed] Bob Major
EP3-1CD/3DE [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-1CD/3DEFG [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-1CD/3EF [Unnamed] Bob Major, Royal, Maximus, Fourteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Four
EP3-2ABCD/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2ABCD/1CD [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2ABCD/1EF [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2ABCD/2DE [Unnamed] Bob Fourteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CD/1BCDE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CD/1CD [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CD/1EF [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
EP3-2CD/2DE [Unnamed] Bob Royal, Fourteen, Eighteen, Twenty-Two
Method Place Notation
Ananias Bob Minor -1456.12.1236-36,12
Azarias Bob Minor -1456.1256.1236-36,12
Biggles Bob Minor,12
Bishopston Bob Minor 56.14-1236-36,12
Caxton Bob Minor 3456.1456-1236-36,12
Chapel of Ease Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236.12.36,12
Chatteris Bob Minor -14.56.1236-36,12
Denver Sluice Bob Minor,12
Doddington Bob Minor,12
Downham-in-the-Isle Bob Minor -1456.,12
Ewenny Bob Minor -14-36.12.36,12
Fen Blow Bob Minor 34.1456.12.36-36,12
Fen Lane Bob Minor 34.14-1236.12.36,12
Fleet Hargate Bob Minor 56.1456.12.36-36,12
Forty Foot Bob Minor,12
Friday Bridge Bob Minor 56.1456.,12
Gilduath Bob Minor 34.1456.12.1236-36,12
Go Next Time Bob Minor 34.1456.56.1236-36,12
Godmanchester Bob Minor 34.14.1256.1236-36,12
Gorefield Bob Minor,12
Graffham Water Bob Minor,12
Great Ouse Bob Minor 3456.1456-36.12.36,12
Greenend Lodge Bob Minor,12
Grunty Fen Bob Minor -1456.56.1236.12.36,12
Guyhirn Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36.12.36,12
Hanney Bob Minor -1456-36.12.36,12
Hartford Bob Minor 56.1456-36-36,12
Hinchingbrooke Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.1236-36,12
Holywell-cum-Needingworth Bob Minor 34.1456.56.36-36,12
Huntingdon Bob Minor 56.1456.12.1236-36,12
Huntingdonshire Bob Minor -1456.56.1236-36,12
Isle of Ely Bob Minor -,12
Jacobs Ladder Bob Minor -14.12.1236-36,12
Joan Croft Bob Minor 34.1456-36-36,12
Kenny Hill Place Minor 3456.1456-1236.12.36,12
Kirby Underwood Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Little Stukeley Bob Minor 3456.1456-36-36,12
Lots Bridge Bob Minor -1456.1256.36.12.36,12
Manea Bob Minor -14.12.36-36,12
Margaret Marsh Bob Minor 34.1456-36.12.36,12
Marshland Smeeth Bob Minor,12
Mepal Bob Minor 56.1456-36.12.36,12
Michaelchurch Escley Bob Minor -14.12.1236.12.36,12
Misael Bob Minor -14.1256.1236-36,12
New Bedford River Bob Minor 34.1456.,12
Newton Bob Minor -14-1236-36,12
Nordelph Bob Minor -1456-1236.12.36,12
Oxwich Bob Minor 56.14-36-36,12
Parson Drove Bob Minor 3456.1456.12.36-36,12
Peal at Any Price Bob Minor 56.14.1256.1236-36,12
Pecks Court Bob Minor -,12
Pious Drove Bob Minor 56.14-1236.12.36,12
Primrose Hall Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36.12.36,12
Pymore Bob Minor,12
Radley Bob Minor -1456-1236-36,12
Ramsey Bob Minor -1456.56.36-36,12
Rhossili Bob Minor 56.14-36.12.36,12
Rings End Bob Minor 56.1456-1236.12.36,12
Rosehill Bob Minor -1456-36-36,12
Shippea Hill Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36.12.36,12
Sixteen Foot Bob Minor -1456.,12
Somersham Bob Minor -14.56.36-36,12
St George Bob Minor 34.14-1236-36,12
St Pandionia Bob Minor 56.1456-1236-36,12
St Wendreda Bob Minor 3456.1456.12.1236-36,12
Stainfield Road Bob Minor 34.1456-1236.12.36,12
Stanstead Bob Minor -14-36-36,12
Stephen Kirby Bob Minor 34.1456-1236-36,12
Stonea Bob Minor -14-1236.12.36,12
Ten Mile Bank Bob Minor,12
The Dragon Bob Minor 34.14-36-36,12
The Undertakers Bob Minor -14.56.1236.12.36,12
Three Holes Bob Minor,12
Tilney All Saints Bob Minor 34.1456.1256.36-36,12
Tilney St Lawrence Bob Minor 34.14.1256.36-36,12
Tipps End Bob Minor -1456.12.36-36,12
Turncock Bob Minor -14.1256.36.12.36,12
Walpole Highway Place Minor 3456.1456.,12
Wayfarers Bob Minor -14-1236-36.12.36-14-12
Wethereds Bob Minor,12
Whitway Bob Minor 34.14-36.12.36,12
Wiggenhall St Germans Bob Minor 56.14.1256.36-36,12
Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene Bob Minor -1456.1256.36-36,12
Winwick Bob Minor,12
Woodger Bob Minor,12
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Plain Minor Methods 123
Ringing World (1987) 607
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