Ringing World (2016)

Chapter Entry Bellboard Id
Page 12   Skibbereen Delight Minor  
Page 12   Colston Arms Surprise Major  
Page 14   Vaynor Surprise Major  
Page 16   Waldron Delight Major  
Page 16   Garden Orb Slow Bob Minor  
Page 16   Hadleigh Bob Minor  
Page 19   Ockbrook Cyclic Bob Triples  
Page 33   Anna's Star Delight Major  
Page 34   Elford Alliance Major  
Page 34   Highfield Alliance Major  
Page 34   Paragon Alliance Major  
Page 34   Blanchland Alliance Major  
Page 34   Cromer Surprise Major  
Page 36   Comparative Surprise Royal  
Page 36   Kimmeridge Surprise Major  
Page 37   Winlaton Delight Major  
Page 37   Aardvark Surprise Major  
Page 38   Vulture Alliance Major  
Page 38   Buxhall Delight Minor  
Page 38   Zafrani Surprise Minor  
Page 38   Buxhall Surprise Minor  
Page 57   Wrotham Delight Major  
Page 58   Venford Surprise Royal  
Page 61   Fixtures Secretary Delight Major  
Page 62   Nativity Delight Minor  
Page 62   Kalessin Surprise Major  
Page 65   Francesca Anne Delight Minor  
Page 82   Lhotse Alliance Maximus  
Page 82   Annapurna Alliance Maximus  
Page 86   Bledhen Noweth Delight Minor  
Page 86   Barns Ness Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 105   Capricorn Delight Major  
Page 105   Pratt's Bottom Alliance Major  
Page 105   Earl Cairns Surprise Major  
Page 105   Clifford Castle Surprise Major  
Page 105   No. 5085 Evesham Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 107   Great Longstone Surprise Minor  
Page 107   Ripon Surprise Maximus  
Page 107   Lady Canning's Plantation Surprise Major  
Page 107   Farmers Blonde Surprise Major  
Page 109   Amber Valley Delight Minor  
Page 109   Croscombe Delight Minor  
Page 109   Carhampton Bob Minor  
Page 109   Weobley Surprise Minor  
Page 109   Barra Head Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 109   Offen Slow Bob Minor  
Page 129   Hillside Surprise Major  
Page 154   Hobart Treble Place Minor  
Page 154   Ripon Treble Place Minor  
Page 154   Stony Stratford Surprise Major  
Page 155   Dore Moor Surprise Major  
Page 157   Swanbourne Delight Minor  
Page 157   Staunton on Wye Surprise Minor  
Page 173   Ouroboros Surprise Major  
Page 173   Incubus Surprise Major  
Page 173   Fenrir Surprise Major  
Page 173   Cerberus Surprise Major  
Page 173   Hydra Surprise Major  
Page 173   Kraken Surprise Major  
Page 173   Ettin Surprise Major  
Page 173   Titan Surprise Major  
Page 173   Zombie Surprise Major  
Page 173   Panserbjørn Surprise Major  
Page 173   Marshwiggle Surprise Major  
Page 173   Abaia Surprise Major  
Page 173   Valkyrie Surprise Major  
Page 173   Wyvern Surprise Major  
Page 173   Gorgon Surprise Major  
Page 173   Naiad Surprise Major  
Page 173   Sphinx Surprise Major  
Page 173   Roc Surprise Major  
Page 173   Yeti Surprise Major  
Page 173   Basilisk Surprise Major  
Page 173   Djinn Surprise Major  
Page 173   Ungoliant Surprise Major  
Page 178   St Blaise Delight Major  
Page 178   Ivington Alliance Royal  
Page 181   Forton Differential Place Doubles  
Page 181   Lampton Differential Place Doubles  
Page 181   Osterley Differential Bob Doubles  
Page 181   Heatwave Treble Bob Minor  
Page 181   Morpeth Surprise Major  
Page 202   Tattingstone Surprise Minor  
Page 202   Wrington Bob Major  
Page 203   Remus Surprise Royal  
Page 203   Wargate Alliance Royal  
Page 206   Ivy Green Delight Major  
Page 206   Etwall Bob Triples  
Page 206   Osra Treble Bob Minor  
Page 206   Brill Treble Place Minor  
Page 227   Mororlessness Surprise Major  
Page 227   Glenkeen Delight Maximus  
Page 229   Mount Illbillee Delight Minor  
Page 229   Norton Canon Surprise Minor  
Page 233   Regulus Alliance Caters  
Page 251   Burneham Delight Major  
Page 251   Elegy Delight Major  
Page 252   LUSCR Dinner Surprise Major  
Page 252   Tyseley Alliance Major  
Page 252   Freda Surprise Major  
Page 252   Heighington Alliance Major  
Page 252   Driffield Alliance Major  
Page 252   Cofton Hackett Alliance Major  
Page 254   Titan Delight Royal  
Page 255   Frequently Slow Bob Minor  
Page 255   Canon Pyon Surprise Minor  
Page 276   Grisedale Pike Alliance Royal  
Page 276   Kathleen and May Surprise Royal  
Page 277   Knebworth Surprise Major  
Page 277   Farnsworth Delight Major  
Page 278   Neverthelessness Surprise Major  
Page 278   Knebworth Surprise Major  
Page 279   Johnsonville Delight Minor  
Page 279   Fair Dinkum Aussie Surprise Minor  
Page 279   Auskerry Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 279   Bodenham Surprise Minor  
Page 297   Dizzy Blonde Delight Minor  
Page 298   Xenolite Delight Major  
Page 298   Upnorth Delight Major  
Page 299   Evelyn Treble Place Minor  
Page 300   Cyningesburh Surprise Major  
Page 300   Heydour Surprise Major  
Page 301   Bridge's Pleasure Bob Triples  
Page 301   Greenfrog Green Surprise Minor  
Page 322   Buachaille Etive Mor Surprise Royal  
Page 323   Wareside Surprise Major  
Page 323   Ware Surprise Major  
Page 326   Paddy's Day Treble Bob Minor  
Page 347   Hardington Mandeville Surprise Major  
Page 348   Olde English Surprise Major  
Page 349   Wrenthorpe Surprise Royal  
Page 349   Scarborough Surprise Royal  
Page 350   Downton Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 350   Xpoynential Surprise Major  
Page 370   Eastrington Alliance Major  
Page 371   Northampton Bob Doubles  
Page 371   Scottlethorpe Alliance Major  
Page 371   Fenchurch St Paul Alliance Major  
Page 371   Brewood Alliance Major  
Page 371   Easington Alliance Major  
Page 371   Sunderland Alliance Major  
Page 371   Baston Fen Alliance Major  
Page 371   Uniform Surprise Major  
Page 371   Blackbird Surprise Major  
Page 372   Matrimonial Delight Royal  
Page 372   Earl of Eldon Surprise Major  
Page 372   Viscount Horne Surprise Major  
Page 374   Courteenhall Surprise Royal  
Page 375   St Luke Bob Triples  
Page 394   Golden Hare Alliance Major  
Page 394   Regulus Alliance Cinques  
Page 395   Ward-Mannix Alliance Major  
Page 395   Bon Accord Delight Major  
Page 395   Inchcolm Alliance Major  
Page 395   Regent's Park Surprise Major  
Page 396   Camellia Delight Major  
Page 396   Copper Dragon Surprise Royal  
Page 397   Hannah Delight Minor  
Page 397   Newcastle College Bob Major  
Page 397   Wallers' Goodwill Bob Triples  
Page 397   Stoke Bob Doubles  
Page 397   Egbury Place Doubles  
Page 397   Binley Bob Doubles  
Page 397   Woodcott Place Doubles  
Page 397   65th Birthday Delight Minor  
Page 397   Basil's Mum Treble Bob Minor  
Page 397   Miramar Delight Minor  
Page 417   Broughton Castle Surprise Major  
Page 418   Fishwick Bob Major  
Page 419   Hangingwater Delight Royal  
Page 419   Comparative Surprise Royal  
Page 419   Gainsborough Surprise Major  
Page 419   Nailstone Surprise Major  
Page 421   Lambeth Bob Triples  
Page 421   'ogwash Delight Minor  
Page 421   Staunton on Arrow Surprise Minor  
Page 441   Carr Dyke Delight Major  
Page 441   Newburn on Tyne Delight Major  
Page 441   Roker Alliance Major  
Page 441   Jones Alliance Major  
Page 441   Tretower Castle Surprise Major  
Page 442   Anemone Delight Major  
Page 444   Double Norwich Surprise Minor  
Page 444   Courteenhall Surprise Royal  
Page 444   Mendip Hills Surprise Major  
Page 445   Bass Rock Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 497   Rocket Pole Alliance Major  
Page 497   Chelonium Surprise Major  
Page 498   Johnston Alliance Major  
Page 500   Sir Nicholas Winton Delight Minor  
Page 500   Seaford Delight Major  
Page 521   Upton Castle Surprise Major  
Page 522   Woodwell Alliance Royal  
Page 523   Uzmaston Surprise Major  
Page 545   Wolborough Delight Major  
Page 545   Lyonshall Castle Surprise Major  
Page 546   Ospringe Surprise Major  
Page 546   Cleator Moor Alliance Major  
Page 549   St Philip Bob Triples  
Page 549   Linkie McLinkieface Cyclic Little Bob Maximus  
Page 549   Waller's Maggot Bob Triples  
Page 549   Stockcross Bob Doubles  
Page 549   Fawley Bob Doubles  
Page 549   Leckhampstead Bob Doubles  
Page 549   Winterbourne Bob Doubles  
Page 549   Occasionally Slow Bob Minor  
Page 569   Chinook Alliance Major  
Page 570   Cottingham Alliance Major  
Page 570   Fluorine Alliance Major  
Page 570   Marley Hill Alliance Major  
Page 571   Jaipur Surprise Royal  
Page 571   St George's Alliance Major  
Page 573   St Helena Bob Triples  
Page 586   Morpeth Surprise Major  
Page 595   Windsor Little Alliance Royal  
Page 595   Elsham Surprise Minor  
Page 595   Tintern Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 598   Elizabeth of York Little Alliance Royal  
Page 600   Wigton Delight Major  
Page 600   Fulstow Alliance Royal  
Page 601   Barham Delight Royal  
Page 608   Capton Bob Minor  
Page 609   A Midsummer Night's Dream Delight Minor  
Page 625   Coity Castle Surprise Major  
Page 625   Neath Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 625   Dordt Surprise Major  
Page 627   Louise's Birthday Little Bob Major  
Page 627   Kent Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 628   Bell Rock Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 628   Exton Bob Minor  
Page 649   Ebor Surprise Minor  
Page 649   Little Waltham Surprise Minor  
Page 650   Vanbrugh Alliance Major  
Page 650   Midnight Bell Surprise Major  
Page 650   Skylark Surprise Major  
Page 651   Omega Surprise Major  
Page 652   Primrose Bob Doubles  
Page 652   Cockatrice Place Doubles  
Page 652   George's Maggot Reverse Place Doubles  
Page 652   Lavender Place Doubles  
Page 652   Unrung Surprise Major  
Page 652   Maryborough Surprise Major  
Page 652   Joy Delight Major  
Page 654   St Barnabas Bob Triples  
Page 657   Octopod Little Bob Caters  
Page 681   London No.5 Surprise Royal  
Page 682   Battle of Jutland Surprise Major  
Page 686   Stedman's College Bob Minor  
Page 686   Double College Differential Bob Triples  
Page 690   Kite Alliance Major  
Page 705   GDR Surprise Major  
Page 706   Everton Delight Major  
Page 706   Ecclesbourne Alliance Major  
Page 706   Scarborough Surprise Royal  
Page 707   London No.3 Alliance Royal  
Page 708   Bressay Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 708   Stokebridge Surprise Royal  
Page 730   Jesmond Alliance Major  
Page 730   St Fagans Castle Surprise Major  
Page 730   Morlais Castle Surprise Major  
Page 730   Ashby Folville Surprise Major  
Page 732   Lundy Island Surprise Royal  
Page 732   Champion Delight Major  
Page 732   London No.5 Surprise Royal  
Page 733   St John the Baptist Bob Triples  
Page 733   St Ursula the Fat Slow Course Doubles  
Page 733   Nihonium Surprise Major  
Page 733   Wenlock Bob Triples  
Page 733   Old Heathfield Surprise Major  
Page 733   New York Littleport Little Surprise Caters  
Page 756   Potternewton Surprise Major  
Page 778   An Teallach Delight Royal  
Page 778   Graduation Surprise Major  
Page 778   Mansley Combe Surprise Royal  
Page 779   Buxted Park Surprise Major  
Page 780   Usselby Surprise Royal  
Page 781   Becordel-Becourt Alliance Royal  
Page 782   West Highland Way Delight Minor  
Page 782   Armitage New Bob Doubles  
Page 782   Netherton Place Doubles  
Page 782   Dudley Bob Doubles  
Page 782   Harecastle Place Doubles  
Page 782   Annable's Richmond Bob Triples  
Page 782   Hawkridge Bob Minor  
Page 795   Strike Back Little Bob Caters  
Page 797   Strike Back Surprise Major  
Page 802   Mary Rose Surprise Major  
Page 803   90th Birthday Delight Major  
Page 803   Bilberry Delight Major  
Page 804   Thiepval Wood Surprise Major  
Page 804   The Somme Alliance Major  
Page 804   Bangor Surprise Minor  
Page 825   Sgurr Na Lapaich Delight Royal  
Page 825   Rhuddlan Castle Surprise Major  
Page 825   Beverston Castle Surprise Major  
Page 827   Stanage Edge Surprise Royal  
Page 828   Sherlock Little Bob Triples  
Page 828   Brough of Birsay Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 828   Cambridge Marigold Bob Minor  
Page 828   Linslade Surprise Major  
Page 828   Ajax Surprise Major  
Page 850   Siege of Kenilworth Delight Minor  
Page 850   Oganesson Surprise Major  
Page 851   Aslackby Fen Delight Major  
Page 851   Odyssey Alliance Major  
Page 851   Port Erin Delight Major  
Page 852   Whistler Delight Royal  
Page 854   Toad Differential Little Hybrid Major  
Page 854   Frog Major  
Page 854   Saturn Delight Major  
Page 859   90th Birthday Bob Triples  
Page 859   90th Birthday Bob Triples  
Page 873   Ruby Alliance Major  
Page 874   Alderney Delight Maximus  
Page 874   Friendly Delight Major  
Page 874   Xenolith Surprise Royal  
Page 875   Newlay Surprise Major  
Page 875   Chetwode Delight Major  
Page 876   Middlezoy Bob Minor  
Page 876   Mosman Park Surprise Major  
Page 897   Humber Ferry Surprise Royal  
Page 897   Kent Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 898   Kent Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 900   Childrey Delight Major  
Page 901   Dover White Cliffs Bob Triples  
Page 901   Thomas the Tank Engine Surprise Minor  
Page 902   New York Littleport Little Surprise Caters  
Page 921   Wobbly Bobs Alliance Major  
Page 923   Quito Surprise Major  
Page 924   A Little Bit Slow Bob Minor  
Page 924   Adolphus Meetkerke Surprise Minor  
Page 946   Caerphilly Surprise Major  
Page 947   Victoria Delight Royal  
Page 949   Un-Saiph Little Bob Major  
Page 949   Single Staunton-on-Arrow Bob Minor  
Page 949   Walsingham Alliance Major  
Page 952   Royal Birthday Surprise Major  
Page 969   Tennessine Surprise Major  
Page 969   St Giles Delight Major  
Page 970   Barlow Alliance Major  
Page 971   Clarence Delight Major  
Page 972   Butt of Lewis Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 972   Mount Jerrybang Delight Minor  
Page 972   Cromer Alliance Major  
Page 972   Warlincourt Halte Alliance Major  
Page 973   Cromer Alliance Major  
Page 973   Cutcombe Bob Minor  
Page 973   Butt of Lewis Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 973   Mount Jerrybang Delight Minor  
Page 1017   Tom A' Choinich Surprise Royal  
Page 1017   Wales Delight Major  
Page 1017   Costa Rica Surprise Major  
Page 1019   Chilcompton Alliance Royal  
Page 1019   Xennapod Surprise Major  
Page 1019   Harbury Festival Delight Major  
Page 1019   Moscovium Surprise Major  
Page 1020   Boughton Treble Place Minor  
Page 1020   Nihonium Little Surprise Major  
Page 1026   Harlington Alliance Major  
Page 1026   Single Hampreston Bob Major  
Page 1026   Julie McDonnell New Bob Triples  
Page 1026   Bob Palin Differential Little Bob Triples  
Page 1054   Tom Hughes Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1054   Max the Collie Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1054   Pathfinder Hero Delight Minor  
Page 1054   Bridgwater Castle Surprise Major  
Page 1055   Walkington Delight Major  
Page 1055   Bushey Hall Surprise Major  
Page 1055   Long Sutton Alliance Major  
Page 1055   Coseley Alliance Major  
Page 1057   Wallers' Goodwill Bob Triples  
Page 1057   Duke of Ockley Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1078   Willoughby Little Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1078   Bunker Delight Royal  
Page 1079   Vennington Alliance Royal  
Page 1080   Étricourt-Manancourt Surprise Major  
Page 1081   Buxton Alliance Major  
Page 1081   Xanthe Little Treble Bob Major  
Page 1081   Strike-Back Little Bob Triples  
Page 1081   Iceman Surprise Minor  
Page 1096   Earl of Dartmouth Surprise Major  
Page 1102   Adrianople Delight Royal  
Page 1102   Calf of Man (High) Lighthouse Surprise Minor  
Page 1102   Vesuvio Delight Major  
Page 1102   Owhiro Bay Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1102   Julie McDonnell Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1118   Julie McDonnell New Bob Triples  
Page 1118   Peter's Peculiar Differential Doubles  
Page 1120   Upper Ramsbottom Alliance Major  
Page 1121   Standish Surprise Major  
Page 1121   Bushey Heath Delight Major  
Page 1121   Rowanberry Delight Major  
Page 1127   Paralympic Surprise Minor  
Page 1127   Penarth Surprise Major  
Page 1127   HMS Pinafore Delight Minor  
Page 1127   Julie McDonnell Slow Course Minor  
Page 1145   Osprey Surprise Major  
Page 1146   Holme on Spalding Moor Alliance Major  
Page 1146   Ipswich Alliance Major  
Page 1146   Leeds and Liverpool Alliance Major  
Page 1150   Moriarty Little Bob Major  
Page 1150   Cann Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1155   Camden Surprise Minor  
Page 1170   Derwent Edge Surprise Royal  
Page 1170   Frog Island Surprise Royal  
Page 1170   Bevan's Delight Major  
Page 1174   Where's Delight Major  
Page 1174   Wathling On Delight Major  
Page 1174   Much Binding In The Marsh Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1175   Annable's Diamond Bob Triples  
Page 1193   Bishop's Castle Surprise Major  
Page 1193   Platina Surprise Major  
Page 1195   Tibshelf Surprise Royal  
Page 1198   Wathnot Delight Major  
Page 1198   Stourton Bob Doubles  
Page 1198   Bourton Place Doubles  
Page 1198   Maiden Bradley Bob Doubles  
Page 1198   Silton Place Doubles  
Page 1198   St Peter Port Bob Triples  
Page 1198   Claremont Slow Bob Minor  
Page 1198   Da Staines-upon-Thames Massive Slow Course Triples  
Page 1198   Last Post Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1198   For the Fallen Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1198   Poppy Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1198   Remembrance Day Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1199   Killamockingbird Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1199   Nearly Minimal Alliance Major  
Page 1203   Tulloch Alliance Major  
Page 1203   Wildcat Major  
Page 1214   Big Slink Differential Little Treble Place Sixteen  
Page 1216   Boongate Alliance Major  
Page 1216   Inglemire Surprise Major  
Page 1216   Patrington Delight Major  
Page 1217   Nuthatch Surprise Major  
Page 1217   Wedding Delight Major  
Page 1218   Callender Bob Doubles  
Page 1219   Gheluvelt Surprise Major  
Page 1220   Willesden Delight Minor  
Page 1221   Kighill Surprise Minor  
Page 1221   Bluebells Over Bob Triples  
Page 1221   Marjorie Legg Bob Minor  
Page 1221   Umbrellabird Alliance Major  
Page 1221   Minimal Alliance Major  
Page 1221   Julie McDonnell Treble Place Major  
Page 1221   Wath's Different Delight Major  
Page 1241   Julie McDonnell Alliance Major  
Page 1241   Big Slink Differential Little Treble Place Sixteen  
Page 1242   Earl of Plymouth Surprise Major  
Page 1242   Alexander Surprise Royal  
Page 1242   Golden Eagle Surprise Major  
Page 1243   Tritonian Surprise Maximus  
Page 1244   Quarrington Alliance Royal  
Page 1244   Amersham Delight Major  
Page 1245   Newdigate Delight Minor  
Page 1264   Cubs' Centenary Surprise Major  
Page 1264   Julie McDonnell Alliance Royal  
Page 1266   Trasna Park Surprise Royal  
Page 1266   Luton Surprise Minor  
Page 1267   Bushey Hall Delight Major  
Page 1267   Saltby Treble Place Royal  
Page 1267   Burstwick Alliance Major  
Page 1268   Riverhead Surprise Maximus  
Page 1268   Easy Rider Surprise Major  
Page 1269   Ashridge Surprise Major  
Page 1270   Julie McDonnell New Bob Caters  
Page 1270   Hankinson's Goodwill Bob Triples  
Page 1304   Highweek Alliance Major  
Page 1304   Christmas Steps Surprise Major  
Page 1304   Golden Guinea Delight Major  
Page 1304   New York Delight Major  
Page 1305   Temple Bar Alliance Royal  
Page 1305   New York Littleport Little Surprise Caters  
Page 1306   Hanbury Hall Surprise Major  
Page 1306   Julie McDonnell Alliance Royal  
Page 1306   Bullfinch Surprise Major  
Page 1307   First Bob Doubles  
Page 1308   Winsandal Alliance Major  
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