Ringing World (2009)

Chapter Entry Bellboard Id
Page 9   Luffburra Delight Royal  
Page 11   Bedale Delight Major  
Page 11   Middlethorpe Hall Delight Major  
Page 12   Ullingswick Surprise Minor  
Page 33   Old Dilton Surprise Major  
Page 33   Titusville Surprise Major  
Page 33   Stoneville Surprise Major  
Page 33   Gadolinium Alliance Major  
Page 34   Crystal Palace Surprise Major  
Page 34   Plymouth Delight Royal  
Page 35   Peckleton Surprise Major  
Page 35   Turnon Delight Major  
Page 35   Trojan Alliance Maximus  
Page 37   Rain-In-The-Face Bob Cinques  
Page 37   Tattingstone White Horse Surprise Minor  
Page 37   Handsworth Delight Major  
Page 37   Peak District Major  
Page 56   Chipping Campden Alliance Major  
Page 57   Clenchwarton Surprise Major  
Page 57   Du Migit Little Surprise Royal  
Page 58   Remember Me Surprise Major  
Page 59   Frithelstock Surprise Major  
Page 59   Pointon Surprise Royal  
Page 59   Quartzite Surprise Maximus  
Page 59   Oxfordshire Delight Major  
Page 59   Martin Treble Bob Major  
Page 61   Firbeck Surprise Major  
Page 61   Fennel Surprise Royal  
Page 61   Delaware Surprise Maximus  
Page 61   Ridiculous Delight Royal  
Page 63   St Bernadette Bob Triples  
Page 81   Moretonhampstead Surprise Major  
Page 81   Clifton Delight Major  
Page 82   Jackbury Surprise Major  
Page 83   New Buckenham Surprise Major  
Page 83   Fixtures Secretary Delight Major  
Page 84   Plain Bob Sixteen  
Page 84   Addenburgh Surprise Major  
Page 84   Peak District Surprise Major  
Page 86   Ashford Delight Minor  
Page 86   Claremont Treble Bob Minor  
Page 86   Washingborough Treble Place Major  
Page 105   Superlambanana Surprise Major  
Page 105   Unionville Surprise Major  
Page 105   Riga Surprise Major  
Page 106   Cymru Surprise Major  
Page 106   Isenthal Surprise Major  
Page 106   Broughty Ferry Delight Major  
Page 109   Highclere Red House Surprise Major  
Page 110   Whittington Delight Major  
Page 110   Lower Holbrook Surprise Minor  
Page 129   Knockdown Surprise Major  
Page 129   Magnum Delight Major  
Page 129   Biscay Delight Royal  
Page 130   Isenfluh Surprise Major  
Page 130   Handsworth Delight Major  
Page 131   Mullins Court Surprise Major  
Page 131   Radcliffeborough Surprise Major  
Page 133   Bulphan Surprise Minor  
Page 154   Jennycliff Surprise Major  
Page 155   Frosterley Surprise Major  
Page 155   Venn Ottery Surprise Major  
Page 156   Kinross Surprise Royal  
Page 157   Tambree Delight Minor  
Page 157   Lancelin Delight Minor  
Page 157   Boatman's Differential Minimus  
Page 157   Woodside Treble Place Major  
Page 174   Coryton Surprise Minor  
Page 174   Wayletts Surprise Minor  
Page 177   Ankh-Morpork Surprise Major  
Page 178   Yarhampton Surprise Major  
Page 178   Bozeat Alliance Minor  
Page 179   Double Norwich Surprise Minor  
Page 179   Dylan Thomas Surprise Minor  
Page 179   Laugharne Castle Surprise Minor  
Page 179   Horseferry Road Surprise Major  
Page 179   Caveman Surprise Major  
Page 179   Kingerby Surprise Royal  
Page 179   Adenine Delight Major  
Page 179   East Belfast Delight Major  
Page 179   Sjambok Delight Major  
Page 179   Cheesecake Delight Major  
Page 182   He Dog Place Caters  
Page 182   Rundlestone Tor Delight Minor  
Page 202   Vilnius Surprise Major  
Page 202   Sgor Gaoith Delight Royal  
Page 203   Lund's Court Surprise Major  
Page 203   Trafalgar Delight Royal  
Page 205   Indooroopilly Delight Minor  
Page 205   Catania Treble Place Minor  
Page 205   Chedburgh Treble Place Major  
Page 225   Clayhanger Delight Major  
Page 226   Vendredi Treize Surprise Major  
Page 226   Braughing Surprise Major  
Page 226   Valentine Delight Major  
Page 229   Vellow Bob Minor  
Page 229   Mucking Surprise Minor  
Page 229   Thurrock Surprise Minor  
Page 229   Cattawade Surprise Minor  
Page 229   Billericay Surprise Minor  
Page 229   Queenslea Drive Delight Minor  
Page 251   Deppers Bridge Surprise Royal  
Page 252   Tripleport Surprise Major  
Page 253   Darwin Surprise Major  
Page 253   Quantock Treble Bob Minor  
Page 254   Half-Century Surprise Major  
Page 254   Cytringan Surprise Royal  
Page 254   Isleworth Surprise Maximus  
Page 255   Wales Surprise Major  
Page 256   Cattawade Surprise Minor  
Page 263   Zephyr Bob Minor  
Page 280   Quorn Delight Major  
Page 280   Yarpole Delight Major  
Page 303   Klink Little Place Maximus  
Page 303   Bruxelles Surprise Major  
Page 303   Yatford Surprise Major  
Page 303   Viney Hill Surprise Major  
Page 304   East Farleigh Lock Alliance Royal  
Page 305   Layerthorpe Surprise Major  
Page 308   Nanny Piggins Surprise Minor  
Page 313   TR Williams Stereo Delight Minor  
Page 329   Exeter Diocesan Delight Major  
Page 330   Xeniaville Surprise Major  
Page 330   Woodville Surprise Major  
Page 330   Vacaville Surprise Major  
Page 330   Windmill Hill Surprise Major  
Page 331   Xceat Surprise Major  
Page 331   Diptonmill Surprise Major  
Page 331   Bengeo Surprise Major  
Page 331   Fulford Delight Royal  
Page 331   Copmanthorpe Delight Royal  
Page 331   Acomb Delight Royal  
Page 331   Mulberry Hall Little Alliance Royal  
Page 331   Skeldergate Bridge Little Alliance Royal  
Page 331   Maxey Treble Place Minor  
Page 331   Sgurr Differential Surprise Royal  
Page 333   Sheeps Tor Delight Minor  
Page 357   Adbaston Surprise Major  
Page 357   Shaun the Sheep Treble Place Minor  
Page 358   Xupu Surprise Major  
Page 358   Eastby Surprise Royal  
Page 359   Xartica Surprise Royal  
Page 360   Pinner Delight Major  
Page 361   They-Fear-Even-His-Horses Bob Caters  
Page 361   Yenworthy Bob Minor  
Page 361   Cholderton Surprise Minor  
Page 361   Messing Surprise Minor  
Page 361   Coalhouse Surprise Minor  
Page 361   Oozedam Surprise Minor  
Page 371   Thurrock Surprise Minor  
Page 371   Billericay Surprise Minor  
Page 377   Double Grandsire Triples  
Page 381   Creag MacRanaich Delight Major  
Page 382   Corley Bob Doubles  
Page 383   Radstock Surprise Maximus  
Page 385   Red Bull Bob Cinques  
Page 405   Rosemary Surprise Major  
Page 405   Dilithium Surprise Major  
Page 405   Zionville Surprise Major  
Page 405   Yorkville Surprise Major  
Page 405   Orwell Delight Major  
Page 406   Hobgoblin Surprise Major  
Page 406   Yelford Delight Major  
Page 406   Play School Delight Major  
Page 407   East Hoathly Surprise Major  
Page 407   St Saviourgate Delight Major  
Page 407   Superlative Alliance Royal  
Page 408   Zouche Surprise Royal  
Page 461   Hudderzfield Little Surprise Maximus  
Page 461   Adrastea Little Alliance Maximus  
Page 461   Alma Little Treble Place Maximus  
Page 462   Denford Bob Doubles  
Page 462   Woodwell Bob Doubles  
Page 462   Iron Horse Delight Major  
Page 488   Fitzroy Delight Royal  
Page 516   Thornworthy Tor Delight Minor  
Page 539   Second Chance Delight Major  
Page 539   Am Bodach Delight Royal  
Page 540   Penhill Surprise Major  
Page 540   The Green Alliance Royal  
Page 540   New Cut Alliance Maximus  
Page 541   Sto Helit Surprise Major  
Page 542   Birnbeck Surprise Major  
Page 543   Crays Hill Surprise Minor  
Page 543   Newbourne Surprise Minor  
Page 543   Nevendon Surprise Minor  
Page 543   LeCras Delight Minor  
Page 543   Rustic Minimus  
Page 544   Pipps Hill Surprise Minor  
Page 544   Rawreth Surprise Minor  
Page 563   Tallinn Surprise Major  
Page 563   Donhead Surprise Major  
Page 564   St George and the Dragon Surprise Royal  
Page 564   Cree Delight Major  
Page 565   Clifton Bob Major  
Page 565   Dore Surprise Major  
Page 565   Houndsditch Surprise Royal  
Page 565   Micklebring Surprise Maximus  
Page 567   Spotted Tail Bob Cinques  
Page 567   Dalwallinu Delight Minor  
Page 575   Cholderton Surprise Minor  
Page 587   Nidderdale Surprise Royal  
Page 588   Brafield-on-the-Green Treble Place Minor  
Page 591   Garswood Bob Minor  
Page 609   Silverdale Bob Major  
Page 609   Landford Surprise Major  
Page 611   Gillett Surprise Major  
Page 611   Jersey Delight Major  
Page 611   Despina Delight Royal  
Page 614   Tilbury Surprise Minor  
Page 614   Buttsbury Surprise Minor  
Page 614   Quire Green Surprise Minor  
Page 614   Pigstye Green Surprise Minor  
Page 614   Childerditch Surprise Minor  
Page 635   Shepton Beauchamp Surprise Major  
Page 635   Morebath Delight Major  
Page 636   Salehurst Surprise Major  
Page 636   Ytterbium Alliance Major  
Page 637   Wigan Alliance Royal  
Page 639   SUGCR Delight Major  
Page 659   Dordrecht Delight Major  
Page 659   Clairedom Alliance Major  
Page 660   Thea Delight Major  
Page 683   Sandy Lane Surprise Major  
Page 683   Monaco Surprise Major  
Page 683   Otreburne Surprise Royal  
Page 683   Pero's Bridge Surprise Royal  
Page 684   Rothamsted Surprise Major  
Page 684   Ufton Surprise Royal  
Page 684   Sole Delight Royal  
Page 685   Sagarmatha Surprise Major  
Page 687   Ulles Tor Delight Minor  
Page 687   Woolloongabba Delight Minor  
Page 689   Waldringfield Surprise Minor  
Page 707   Teign Valley Surprise Major  
Page 707   Dinton Surprise Major  
Page 709   Quirm Surprise Major  
Page 709   Soave Delight Royal  
Page 709   Artistic Triples  
Page 709   Circle Master Differential Surprise Royal  
Page 709   Temple Meads Differential Surprise Royal  
Page 710   Cucumber Doubles  
Page 710   Banana Doubles  
Page 710   Parsnip Doubles  
Page 711   Conquering Bear Bob Cinques  
Page 730   Aughton Surprise Major  
Page 730   Morville Delight Major  
Page 731   Vitznau Surprise Major  
Page 732   Ulverscroft Surprise Royal  
Page 732   Landmark Delight Royal  
Page 732   Trojan Alliance Maximus  
Page 733   KT Surprise Minor  
Page 737   Clodock Bob Minor  
Page 737   Bredwardine Bob Minor  
Page 737   St Swithun Bob Minor  
Page 737   Bromsberrow Bob Minor  
Page 737   Staunton-on-Arrow Bob Minor  
Page 737   Eardisley Bob Minor  
Page 737   Bromyard Bob Minor  
Page 737   Glasbury-on-Wye Bob Minor  
Page 737   "Hereford" Bob Minor  
Page 737   Ewyas Harold Bob Minor  
Page 737   Whitney-on-Wye Bob Minor  
Page 737   Canon Pyon Bob Minor  
Page 753   Derwenthaugh Surprise Major  
Page 753   Traditional Cumberland Sausage Delight Major  
Page 754   Dibley Bob Doubles  
Page 754   Whorlton Old Church Delight Major  
Page 755   Independence Day Surprise Royal  
Page 756   Rural Minimus  
Page 777   Shepton Beauchamp Surprise Royal  
Page 777   Odo Delight Major  
Page 778   Whirlow Surprise Major  
Page 778   Masham Surprise Royal  
Page 780   Roncobello Place Minor  
Page 780   Chadwell Surprise Minor  
Page 780   Herongate Surprise Minor  
Page 780   Battlesbridge Surprise Minor  
Page 780   Messing Surprise Minor  
Page 780   Useless Loop Delight Minor  
Page 785   Darlaston Little Bob Major  
Page 785   Staverton Bridge Surprise Minor  
Page 785   Turnon Delight Major  
Page 801   Champion Dragon Delight Royal  
Page 802   Dingleden Surprise Royal  
Page 802   Lake Garda Delight Major  
Page 803   Johnston Surprise Major  
Page 803   Fifty Treble Bob Major  
Page 804   Horsington Surprise Major  
Page 805   Ideal Delight Major  
Page 805   Pride of High Halden Treble Place Minor  
Page 825   Victoria Garesfield Surprise Major  
Page 826   Campton Surprise Major  
Page 826   Allingham Surprise Major  
Page 826   SDG Delight Minor  
Page 853   Hukeley Bridge Surprise Major  
Page 853   Chunky Monkey Surprise Major  
Page 854   Dorcestre Surprise Major  
Page 854   Yorkshire Day Delight Major  
Page 854   The Reverend Geoffrey and Mrs Ruth Stickland Alliance Major  
Page 877   Petton Delight Major  
Page 878   Threekingham Surprise Major  
Page 878   Illston-on-the-Hill Treble Place Minor  
Page 878   Noseley Treble Place Minor  
Page 878   Furtho Treble Place Minor  
Page 879   St Marie's Bob Major  
Page 879   Hope Delight Major  
Page 879   Rudgate Ruby Mild Delight Major  
Page 880   Vixen Tor Delight Minor  
Page 887   Sinister Surprise Minor  
Page 901   Lundy Delight Royal  
Page 925   Bovey Castle Surprise Major  
Page 925   Calcutt Surprise Major  
Page 926   Eucalyptus Surprise Major  
Page 926   Djelibeybi Surprise Major  
Page 926   Aubergine Surprise Major  
Page 926   Xylophone Surprise Maximus  
Page 926   Fastnet Delight Royal  
Page 926   Holmesdale Road Surprise Minor  
Page 929   Liquorice Allsorts Delight Minor  
Page 949   William Penny Brookes Surprise Major  
Page 949   Longmead Surprise Royal  
Page 950   Zopf Surprise Major  
Page 951   New Romney Delight Major  
Page 953   Hullbridge Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Fambridge Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Ivy Heath Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Watery Lane Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Jury Hill Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Hawkwell Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Eastwoodbury Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Dry Street Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Kent Hill Surprise Minor  
Page 953   Potterhanworth Treble Place Minor  
Page 953   Nocton Treble Place Minor  
Page 957   Temple Meads Delight Maximus  
Page 973   Washington Delight Royal  
Page 973   Leatherhead Alliance Royal  
Page 975   Destructor Surprise Major  
Page 997   Ellenwood Surprise Major  
Page 997   Madrid Surprise Major  
Page 997   Timothy Delight Major  
Page 997   Peak District Major  
Page 998   Irish Sea Delight Royal  
Page 999   Aldbury Surprise Major  
Page 999   Xenolith Surprise Royal  
Page 1001   Callum Delight Minor  
Page 1001   Amanda Delight Minor  
Page 1021   Unnamed Delight Major  
Page 1021   Dame Vera Delight Major  
Page 1022   Abbott Surprise Major  
Page 1023   Midhopestones Surprise Major  
Page 1023   Dunsby Surprise Royal  
Page 1026   American Horse Bob Cinques  
Page 1026   Watern Tor Delight Minor  
Page 1045   Fryerning Alliance Royal  
Page 1046   Yorkshire Alliance Major  
Page 1047   Conisbrough Castle Surprise Major  
Page 1049   Mike's New Shed Delight Minor  
Page 1069   Prague Surprise Major  
Page 1069   Bathurst Surprise Major  
Page 1069   Stob Ghabhar Surprise Royal  
Page 1069   Kirkgate Surprise Maximus  
Page 1069   Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni Delight Major  
Page 1070   Eggplant Surprise Major  
Page 1070   Zonda Surprise Major  
Page 1070   Panamera Surprise Major  
Page 1070   Lulsgate Surprise Royal  
Page 1071   70th Birthday Delight Major  
Page 1073   Baddeley Green Delight Major  
Page 1093   Shepton Beauchamp Surprise Maximus  
Page 1093   Bovey Tracey Delight Major  
Page 1093   Shannon Delight Royal  
Page 1094   Jarvis Brook Surprise Major  
Page 1095   Zigzag Path Delight Major  
Page 1117   Guinness Delight Major  
Page 1117   Bovey Bob Delight Royal  
Page 1118   High Spen Surprise Major  
Page 1118   Francesca Surprise Major  
Page 1118   Pride of Romsey Surprise Royal  
Page 1119   Zener Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1120   Hussar Little Treble Place Maximus  
Page 1142   Teffont Surprise Major  
Page 1142   Benenden Surprise Royal  
Page 1142   Rockall Delight Royal  
Page 1143   Roncobello Place Minor  
Page 1143   Johnby Surprise Royal  
Page 1145   Sitting Bull Bob Cinques  
Page 1145   Daw's Green Delight Major  
Page 1145   Aniseed Twists Surprise Minor  
Page 1145   The Wicked Plan Surprise Minor  
Page 1145   AC/DC Delight Minor  
Page 1145   Beached Az Delight Minor  
Page 1145   Thornton Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1145   Peak District Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1165   Holywood Surprise Major  
Page 1166   Copernicium Surprise Major  
Page 1167   Pitsford Place Doubles  
Page 1167   Clipston Place Doubles  
Page 1168   Glazdyn Surprise Minor  
Page 1168   Siward's How Surprise Major  
Page 1168   Poet's Walk Surprise Major  
Page 1168   Septuagenarian Delight Major  
Page 1169   East Coast Alliance Major  
Page 1189   Bratislava-Pressburg Surprise Major  
Page 1189   Greville Smyth Delight Major  
Page 1190   Kimberlow Hill Delight Major  
Page 1199   Newtown Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1199   Pamber Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1199   Brimpton Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1199   Ufton Nervet Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1199   Little Bedwyn Treble Bob Minimus  
Page 1217   Nettleton Surprise Major  
Page 1218   Hawkswick Surprise Major  
Page 1218   Stoneycroft Surprise Royal  
Page 1218   Stanmore Delight Major  
Page 1222   TK Surprise Minor  
Page 1222   Trimley St Mary Surprise Minor  
Page 1222   Martlesham Heath Surprise Minor  
Page 1222   Quail Green Delight Major  
Page 1241   Tactical Surprise Major  
Page 1241   Woodgate Surprise Royal  
Page 1241   Shepton Beauchamp Delight Royal  
Page 1244   Four Shires Guild Delight Major  
Page 1245   Fiddlers Hamlet Surprise Minor  
Page 1245   Westcliff Surprise Minor  
Page 1245   Shotgate Surprise Minor  
Page 1245   Ulting Surprise Minor  
Page 1245   Mt Nameless Delight Minor  
Page 1259   Wolsey Surprise Maximus  
Page 1269   A'Chailleach Delight Royal  
Page 1270   Belgravegate Surprise Royal  
Page 1271   Greene King IPA Surprise Royal  
Page 1271   Totley Delight Major  
Page 1291   Claremont Bob Minor  
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