Ringing World (1987)

Chapter Entry Bellboard Id
Page 11   Unnilhexium Surprise Major  
Page 11   Arsenic Surprise Major  
Page 11   Eyam Delight Minor  
Page 13   Cornish Surprise Royal  
Page 35   Netherstreet Surprise Major  
Page 37   Abney Park Surprise Major  
Page 43   Lockheed Tristar Delight Minor  
Page 58   Wimbledon Common Surprise Major  
Page 58   Heanor Surprise Major  
Page 59   Shadwell Surprise Major  
Page 60   Elmodesham Surprise Maximus  
Page 60   Highclere Delight Major  
Page 61   Harkstead Surprise Minor  
Page 61   December Surprise Major  
Page 61   Vigornia Surprise Major  
Page 61   Blakesley Surprise Royal  
Page 72   Wimbledon Common Surprise Major  
Page 76   Swynnerton Delight Minor  
Page 84   Almondsbury Surprise Major  
Page 84   Uffcott Surprise Major  
Page 85   Ratae Surprise Major  
Page 86   Zephyranthes Surprise Major  
Page 86   Oenothera Surprise Major  
Page 87   Brading Surprise Major  
Page 94   Mogford Delight Minor  
Page 96   5024 Spliced Surprise Major (6m) by Richard G Crosland  
Page 106   Bismuth Surprise Major  
Page 108   Radium Surprise Major  
Page 108   Eastville Surprise Royal  
Page 110   Chesham Bois Surprise Major  
Page 131   Whitley Bay Surprise Major  
Page 132   Fulwell Surprise Major  
Page 132   Muscott Surprise Royal  
Page 132   Balmoral Delight Minor  
Page 136   April Treble Bob Minor  
Page 140   Giotto Surprise Major  
Page 140   Abney Park Surprise Major  
Page 174   Attenborough Surprise Royal  
Page 174   Devon Surprise Maximus  
Page 175   Bright Delight Minor  
Page 177   Fairlea Little Surprise Major  
Page 188   5024 Spliced Surprise Major (6m) by Richard G Crosland  
Page 198   Sydney Surprise Major  
Page 200   Mortimer Delight Major  
Page 222   Greybury Surprise Major  
Page 231   Radley Bob Royal  
Page 231   Northcourt Bob Royal  
Page 231   Birstall Bob Royal  
Page 231   Greengate Bob Royal  
Page 231   Cliviger Bob Royal  
Page 231   Barkby Bob Royal  
Page 231   Rosehill Bob Royal  
Page 231   Briercliffe Bob Royal  
Page 231   Harlesyke Bob Royal  
Page 231   Wanlip Bob Royal  
Page 231   Ardington Bob Royal  
Page 231   Buxton Bob Royal  
Page 231   Rodbourne Bob Royal  
Page 231   Fishwick Bob Royal  
Page 231   Hudson Bob Royal  
Page 231   Scholfield Bob Royal  
Page 231   Nelson College Bob Royal  
Page 231   Cleatham Bob Royal  
Page 231   Canterbury Bob Royal  
Page 231   Blackley Bob Royal  
Page 231   Lesser Wopping Bob Royal  
Page 231   Childwall Bob Royal  
Page 231   Wavertree Bob Royal  
Page 231   Goldhanger Bob Royal  
Page 231   Smith Bob Royal  
Page 231   Windsor Little Bob Royal  
Page 231   Eton Little Bob Royal  
Page 236   Buxton Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Fishwick Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Fielden Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Scholfield Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Childwall Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Blackley Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Tolleshunt D'Arcy Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Wavertree Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Lesser Wopping Bob Cinques  
Page 236   Ogden Bob Cinques  
Page 243   Woodchurch Surprise Major  
Page 244   Stannum Surprise Major  
Page 245   Upton Park Surprise Royal  
Page 246   Westerfield Surprise Major  
Page 261   Hucknall Delight Major  
Page 266   Market Weighton Surprise Major  
Page 266   Parkway Surprise Maximus  
Page 267   Ashworth Surprise Major  
Page 268   Shalstone Surprise Royal  
Page 268   Pimlico Surprise Royal  
Page 268   Foxley Surprise Royal  
Page 268   Jennifer Delight Major  
Page 269   Zermatt Surprise Major  
Page 269   Worcestershire Surprise Maximus  
Page 275   Ferndale Treble Bob Minor  
Page 287   Luigi Delight Major  
Page 288   Actinium Surprise Major  
Page 288   Yanworth Surprise Major  
Page 291   Quarley Surprise Major  
Page 294   Pinhoe Treble Bob Minor  
Page 311   Draycott Surprise Major  
Page 313   Bamford Surprise Major  
Page 336   Bromley Surprise Major  
Page 339   Violet Treble Bob Maximus  
Page 342   York Colleges Guild Alliance Minor  
Page 353   Godstone Surprise Minor  
Page 362   Barium Surprise Major  
Page 362   Plumbum Surprise Major  
Page 362   Evans Delight Minor  
Page 363   Titanic Cinques  
Page 382   Deptford Surprise Major  
Page 383   Xenos Surprise Royal  
Page 384   Londinium Delight Major  
Page 384   Violet Treble Bob Royal  
Page 405   Muckhart Surprise Royal  
Page 405   Prestwick Surprise Royal  
Page 405   Semilong Surprise Royal  
Page 405   Arran Delight Royal  
Page 407   Prince Edward Surprise Minor  
Page 416   Muscott Surprise Royal  
Page 429   Pavenhill Surprise Major  
Page 429   Fittleton Surprise Royal  
Page 430   Roker Surprise Major  
Page 430   Vigo Surprise Major  
Page 430   Newbury Treble Bob Major  
Page 450   Berkhamsted Surprise Major  
Page 451   Bourne Surprise Major  
Page 453   Trisantona Surprise Major  
Page 453   Epiacum Surprise Major  
Page 474   Edenham Delight Royal  
Page 475   Dewi Sant Surprise Major  
Page 475   Zirconium Surprise Major  
Page 475   Tyseley Little Surprise Royal  
Page 494   Bromine Surprise Major  
Page 495   Calcium Surprise Major  
Page 517   Crimble Surprise Major  
Page 517   Deeply Vale Surprise Major  
Page 517   Pascha Surprise Major  
Page 521   Chicago Surprise Minor  
Page 541   Otterburn Surprise Major  
Page 542   Luffield Surprise Major  
Page 543   Vanadium Surprise Major  
Page 558   Kithnos Bob Triples  
Page 558   Naxos Bob Triples  
Page 558   Andros Bob Triples  
Page 558   Siros Bob Triples  
Page 558   Tinos Bob Triples  
Page 558   Samos Bob Triples  
Page 558   Patmos Bob Triples  
Page 558   Ikaria Bob Triples  
Page 558   Kea Bob Triples  
Page 558   Thatcham Bob Major  
Page 558   Stratton Bob Major  
Page 558   Cholmondeley Bob Caters  
Page 558   Earlham Bob Caters  
Page 558   Highbury Bob Caters  
Page 558   Alburgh Bob Caters  
Page 558   Gainsborough Little Bob Caters  
Page 558   Serifos Bob Triples  
Page 565   LeMarechal Delight Major  
Page 566   Jacobs Ladder Bob Minor  
Page 566   Manea Bob Minor  
Page 566   Pecks Court Bob Minor  
Page 566   Misael Bob Minor  
Page 566   Chatteris Bob Minor  
Page 566   Somersham Bob Minor  
Page 566   Isle of Ely Bob Minor  
Page 566   Ananias Bob Minor  
Page 566   Tipps End Bob Minor  
Page 566   Sixteen Foot Bob Minor  
Page 566   Azarias Bob Minor  
Page 566   Lots Bridge Bob Minor  
Page 566   Huntingdonshire Bob Minor  
Page 566   Ramsey Bob Minor  
Page 566   Biggles Bob Minor  
Page 566   Gorefield Bob Minor  
Page 566   Three Holes Bob Minor  
Page 566   Forty Foot Bob Minor  
Page 566   Gilduath Bob Minor  
Page 566   Fen Blow Bob Minor  
Page 566   Kirby Underwood Bob Minor  
Page 566   Primrose Hall Bob Minor  
Page 566   Go next time Bob Minor  
Page 566   Holywell-cum-Needingworth Bob Minor  
Page 566   Peal at any price Bob Minor  
Page 566   Doddington Bob Minor  
Page 566   Graffham Water Bob Minor  
Page 566   Upwell Surprise Minor  
Page 566   Saddleback Delight Minor  
Page 566   Large White Delight Minor  
Page 567   Harestone Surprise Minor  
Page 582   New South Wales Surprise Major  
Page 582   Camdone Surprise Royal  
Page 583   Elbut Surprise Major  
Page 584   River Witham Surprise Maximus  
Page 584   Emjay Delight Royal  
Page 584   Port Jackson Delight Royal  
Page 604   Walsoken Surprise Minor  
Page 605   Lammermuir Delight Major  
Page 607   Stonea Bob Minor  
Page 607   Wiggenhall St Mary the Virgin Bob Minor  
Page 607   Turncock Bob Minor  
Page 607   The Undertakers Bob Minor  
Page 607   Nordelph Bob Minor  
Page 607   Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene Bob Minor  
Page 607   Grunty Fen Bob Minor  
Page 607   Downham-in-the-Isle Bob Minor  
Page 607   Lakesend Bob Minor  
Page 607   Fen Lane Bob Minor  
Page 607   Godmanchester Bob Minor  
Page 607   Tilney St Lawrence Bob Minor  
Page 607   Shippea Hill Bob Minor  
Page 607   Winwick Bob Minor  
Page 607   Marshland Smeeth Bob Minor  
Page 607   Woodger Bob Minor  
Page 607   Stainfield Road Bob Minor  
Page 607   Hinchingbrooke Bob Minor  
Page 607   Tilney All Saints Bob Minor  
Page 607   Chapel of Ease Bob Minor  
Page 607   New Bedford River Bob Minor  
Page 607   Norfolk Punch Bob Minor  
Page 607   Salters Lode Bob Minor  
Page 607   Abbots Ripton Bob Minor  
Page 607   Wiggenhall St Peter Bob Minor  
Page 607   Welney Bob Minor  
Page 607   Chevette Bob Minor  
Page 607   Tilney High End Bob Minor  
Page 607   Prickwillow Place Minor  
Page 607   Conington Bob Minor  
Page 607   Tydd Gote Place Minor  
Page 607   Bunting Bob Minor  
Page 607   Old Bedford River Bob Minor  
Page 607   Caxton Bob Minor  
Page 607   Kenny Hill Place Minor  
Page 607   Little Stukeley Bob Minor  
Page 607   Great Ouse Bob Minor  
Page 607   St Wendreda Bob Minor  
Page 607   Parson Drove Bob Minor  
Page 607   Walpole Highway Place Minor  
Page 607   Pious Drove Bob Minor  
Page 607   Wethereds Bob Minor  
Page 607   Greenend Lodge Bob Minor  
Page 607   Denver Sluice Bob Minor  
Page 607   Wiggenhall St Germans Bob Minor  
Page 607   Guyhirn Bob Minor  
Page 607   Ten Mile Bank Bob Minor  
Page 607   Pymore Bob Minor  
Page 607   St Pandionia Bob Minor  
Page 607   Rings End Bob Minor  
Page 607   Hartford Bob Minor  
Page 607   Mepal Bob Minor  
Page 607   Huntingdon Bob Minor  
Page 607   Fleet Hargate Bob Minor  
Page 607   Friday Bridge Bob Minor  
Page 607   Welle Manor Bob Minor  
Page 607   Whalley Surprise Major  
Page 607   Woodbine Delight Maximus  
Page 627   Canonbury Surprise Major  
Page 628   Bampton Delight Major  
Page 647   Redbridge Surprise Major  
Page 647   Surfleet Surprise Maximus  
Page 648   Kingussie Surprise Royal  
Page 648   Troon Surprise Royal  
Page 649   Xertigny Surprise Major  
Page 649   Swindon Surprise Maximus  
Page 668   Thundred Surprise Major  
Page 668   Harborne Alliance Major  
Page 681   Tilney St Lawrence Bob Minor  
Page 681   Kirby Underwood Bob Minor  
Page 681   Graffham Water Bob Minor  
Page 686   Furbarn Surprise Major  
Page 686   Woolacombe Surprise Major  
Page 688   Hainault Surprise Major  
Page 688   Snaresbrook Surprise Major  
Page 688   Roding Valley Surprise Major  
Page 688   Fairlop Surprise Major  
Page 688   Grange Hill Surprise Major  
Page 688   Newbury Park Surprise Major  
Page 689   Buckfastleigh Surprise Major  
Page 707   Shirwell Surprise Minor  
Page 710   Gooden Surprise Major  
Page 711   Hackpen Delight Major  
Page 712   Idlicote Surprise Royal  
Page 712   Zambesi Surprise Royal  
Page 712   Redmoor Surprise Royal  
Page 712   Underhill Surprise Royal  
Page 725   Tamworth Delight Minor  
Page 730   Woodbine Delight Maximus  
Page 732   Chorleywood Surprise Maximus  
Page 733   Roanoke Delight Royal  
Page 753   Zanussi Alliance Major  
Page 768   Brunsworth Surprise Minor  
Page 770   Woolfardisworthy Surprise Minor  
Page 771   Balderstone Surprise Major  
Page 771   Coritanorum Surprise Major  
Page 771   Arklow Surprise Major  
Page 771   Iddesleigh Surprise Royal  
Page 773   Chlorine Surprise Major  
Page 773   Bourne Surprise Royal  
Page 791   Trafalgar Surprise Maximus  
Page 794   Wark Surprise Major  
Page 811   Armitage-is-the-name Bob Major  
Page 812   Edenfield Surprise Royal  
Page 812   Arbury Surprise Royal  
Page 812   Marston Surprise Royal  
Page 819   Western Michigan University Doubles  
Page 833   Xanthium Surprise Major  
Page 843   Old Man of Hoy Delight Minor  
Page 850   Findon Surprise Major  
Page 854   Beeston Castle Treble Bob Minor  
Page 872   Ubley Surprise Royal  
Page 874   Sulphur Surprise Major  
Page 874   Phosphorus Surprise Major  
Page 874   X-church Surprise Royal  
Page 877   Winchester Surprise Major  
Page 879   Aida Delight Minor  
Page 879   Amelia Delight Minor  
Page 897   Snorscombe Surprise Major  
Page 904   Chlorine Surprise Major  
Page 906   Geoffrey Dodd's Tulipish Surprise Minor  
Page 915   Hopwood Surprise Major  
Page 917   Doublebois Surprise Major  
Page 918   Illey Surprise Major  
Page 929   Willaston Delight Minor  
Page 934   Babbacombe Surprise Major  
Page 935   Hereward the Wake Bob Minor  
Page 935   Monks of Ely Bob Minor  
Page 935   Vermuyden Bob Minor  
Page 935   Earith Bob Minor  
Page 954   Quethiock Surprise Maximus  
Page 955   Carbon Surprise Major  
Page 956   Ringstead Surprise Major  
Page 956   Neville Surprise Royal  
Page 956   Hampton Surprise Royal  
Page 977   Burnham Surprise Major  
Page 979   Bastow Little Bob Triples  
Page 984   Berkshire Delight Minor  
Page 990   Rora Head Delight Minor  
Page 998   Irwell Surprise Major  
Page 998   Bletchingley Surprise Major  
Page 1020   Stedman Sextuples  
Page 1022   Quack Surprise Major  
Page 1032   Alamein Surprise Minor  
Page 1040   Hough-on-the-Hill Bob Minor  
Page 1040   Syston Drift Bob Minor  
Page 1042   Hemmingwell Surprise Royal  
Page 1042   Renfrew Surprise Royal  
Page 1064   Quirigua Surprise Major  
Page 1069   Hamwic Surprise Royal  
Page 1071   Fleetwood Surprise Minor  
Page 1073   Hanwell Surprise Major  
Page 1074   November Delight Royal  
Page 1089   HMS Coventry Bob Major  
Page 1089   Goodnestone Surprise Minor  
Page 1095   Silicon Surprise Major  
Page 1098   The Hundred Surprise Maximus  
Page 1099   Alamein Surprise Minor  
Page 1099   Little Russian Little Surprise Major  
Page 1103   Guildford Diamond Jubilee Surprise Minor  
Page 1114   Baldrick's Surprise Minor  
Page 1114   Honeywell Delight Minor  
Page 1141   Wensum Surprise Royal  
Page 1142   Jowkin Surprise Major  
Page 1143   Ewbank Surprise Major  
Page 1143   Newbury Delight Royal  
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