Ringing World (2006)

Chapter Entry Bellboard Id
Page 9   Quinton Alliance Major  
Page 10   Ullcombe Surprise Major  
Page 10   Huntsham Delight Major  
Page 11   Eggesford Surprise Major  
Page 12   Highcross Surprise Major  
Page 12   Larissa Delight Royal  
Page 18   Western Cavalier Treble Bob Minor  
Page 32   Zurbaran Surprise Major  
Page 34   Bishopthorpe Delight Major  
Page 35   Preston Surprise Major  
Page 43   Litton Treble Place Minor  
Page 56   Tropicana Delight Major  
Page 59   Boughton Bob Doubles  
Page 60   Sira Surprise Minor  
Page 60   Zany Surprise Major  
Page 79   Ashby de la Zouch Surprise Major  
Page 79   Cregagh Surprise Major  
Page 80   Intrepid Bob Royal  
Page 81   Free Parking Surprise Major  
Page 81   Foxstone Surprise Royal  
Page 82   Grandsire Septuples  
Page 82   Feckenham Surprise Major  
Page 82   Littleport Little Surprise Fourteen  
Page 84   Ridge Surprise Major  
Page 90   Stalmamikama Surprise Minor  
Page 105   Pleasant Grove Surprise Major  
Page 105   Longhorn Delight Major  
Page 105   Augusta Delight Major  
Page 106   Coity Surprise Minor  
Page 106   Machynlleth Surprise Major  
Page 106   Strata Florida Surprise Major  
Page 106   70th Birthday Surprise Major  
Page 106   Xanthus Delight Royal  
Page 107   Charing Heath Delight Royal  
Page 108   Ireleth Surprise Major  
Page 108   Januar Surprise Royal  
Page 108   Edale Delight Major  
Page 113   Quinns Rocks Delight Minor  
Page 113   New Whittington Treble Bob Minor  
Page 113   Western Hero Treble Bob Minor  
Page 113   Hunter Doubles  
Page 113   Steve's Assymetric Doubles  
Page 128   Pentonville Road Surprise Major  
Page 128   Desperate Housewives Surprise Major  
Page 128   Even Swindon Surprise Major  
Page 128   Arthur Surprise Major  
Page 128   Blunsdon Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 129   Whitworth Delight Major  
Page 130   Boyatt Wood Surprise Royal  
Page 130   Vinehall Delight Royal  
Page 130   London Pride Delight Royal  
Page 132   East Layton Little Place Minimus  
Page 132   Old Whitt Treble Bob Minor  
Page 137   Christmas Pudding Delight Minor  
Page 157   Aston Clinton Surprise Royal  
Page 176   Xenakis Surprise Major  
Page 176   Hainault Surprise Major  
Page 176   Wollaston Surprise Major  
Page 178   Roade Bob Doubles  
Page 178   Harrington Surprise Minor  
Page 179   Shambles Surprise Major  
Page 187   Spurriergate Little Bob Doubles  
Page 187   Mercaston Treble Place Minor  
Page 205   Poppy Differential Little Treble Place Maximus  
Page 206   Chadstone Bob Doubles  
Page 206   Cogenhoe Bob Doubles  
Page 206   Kiveton Surprise Major  
Page 206   Galatea Delight Royal  
Page 233   Valentine's Day Surprise Major  
Page 233   Gordon Road Delight Major  
Page 234   Roghadel Surprise Major  
Page 234   Horsehead Nebula Surprise Royal  
Page 234   Ashton Court Delight Major  
Page 234   Cassiobury Delight Major  
Page 235   Butcherbie Surprise Major  
Page 243   Bootleg Treble Bob Minor  
Page 258   Hazel Surprise Major  
Page 258   Ashwell Surprise Major  
Page 258   Parkhead Surprise Major  
Page 259   Radstone Bob Doubles  
Page 259   Whitfield Bob Doubles  
Page 259   Calvary Bob Triples  
Page 259   Rosenlaui Surprise Major  
Page 259   Northwood Delight Royal  
Page 260   Sanvey Gate Surprise Major  
Page 260   Upperthorpe Delight Royal  
Page 261   Peckham Alliance Royal  
Page 266   Boat Race Treble Place Minor  
Page 280   Icomb Surprise Major  
Page 280   Isambard Kingdom Brunel Delight Major  
Page 281   Fork Handles Surprise Major  
Page 281   Bower Delight Major  
Page 282   Dingley Bob Doubles  
Page 282   Broadbent Surprise Minor  
Page 282   Coton Surprise Minor  
Page 282   Gimp Surprise Major  
Page 282   Kalashnikov Surprise Major  
Page 282   Anodyne Surprise Major  
Page 282   Townsend Delight Minor  
Page 284   Hull Road Delight Major  
Page 290   Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council Bob Major  
Page 306   Hawaii Surprise Major  
Page 306   Xining Surprise Royal  
Page 306   Colmore Row Surprise Maximus  
Page 306   King's Newnham Delight Minor  
Page 307   Llanelly Surprise Minor  
Page 314   St Anselm Place Alliance Doubles  
Page 314   Upton by Birkenhead Differential Treble Place Doubles  
Page 314   Baldrick Differential Little Bob Doubles  
Page 314   St Aelred of Rievaulx Little Treble Place Doubles  
Page 329   Easterly Surprise Major  
Page 329   Beverley Minster Delight Royal  
Page 330   Newtimber Surprise Major  
Page 330   Xylene Surprise Major  
Page 330   Very Easy Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Gruesome Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Fiendish Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Terrible Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Silly Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Bizarre Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Awful Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Evil Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Unpleasant Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Crazy Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Killer Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Horrible Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Diabolical Treble Bob Major  
Page 330   Impossible Treble Bob Major  
Page 331   Craven Surprise Major  
Page 331   St Mark Surprise Royal  
Page 337   Abbotskerswell Bob Minor  
Page 337   St Osmund Bob Triples  
Page 337   Great Fransham Alliance Minor  
Page 352   Gadebridge Surprise Major  
Page 353   Quill Surprise Major  
Page 353   Auxey-Duresses Surprise Royal  
Page 354   Needlegate Surprise Major  
Page 361   Western Sentinel Treble Bob Minor  
Page 361   Sail & Anchor Treble Bob Minor  
Page 377   Colston Bassett Alliance Royal  
Page 377   Ebony Little Alliance Maximus  
Page 379   Wolverton Surprise Minor  
Page 379   Amport Surprise Minor  
Page 379   Lendal Surprise Major  
Page 380   Quatt Surprise Major  
Page 385   TDGR Delight Minor  
Page 402   Peasholme Green Surprise Major  
Page 402   Headingley Delight Major  
Page 410   Rockall Bob Triples  
Page 425   Shamrock Delight Major  
Page 428   Blair Castle Surprise Minor  
Page 428   Loch Garve Surprise Minor  
Page 428   Hume Castle Surprise Minor  
Page 428   Hafnium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Mendelevium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Nobelium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Lawrencium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Kurchatovium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Rutherfordium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Hahnium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Dubnium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Seaborgium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Nielsbohrium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Bohrium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Hassium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Meitnerium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Darmstadtium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Roentgenium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Glucinium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unnilunium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unnilbium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unniltrium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unnilquadium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unnilpentium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unnilhexium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unnilseptium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unniloctium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unnilnovium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununnilium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Unununium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununbium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununtrium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununquadium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununpentium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununhexium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununseptium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Ununoctium Delight Minor  
Page 428   Aluminum Delight Minor  
Page 428   Alf Delight Minor  
Page 428   Moidart Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Nevis Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Orchy Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Prosen Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Quharity Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Roy Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Shiel Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Torridon Treble Bob Minor  
Page 428   Uig Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Croagh Patrick Surprise Minor  
Page 429   Loch Lomond Surprise Minor  
Page 429   Amethyst Delight Minor  
Page 429   Aquamarine Delight Minor  
Page 429   Bloodstone Delight Minor  
Page 429   Rock Crystal Delight Minor  
Page 429   Emerald Delight Minor  
Page 429   Chrysoprase Delight Minor  
Page 429   Pearl Delight Minor  
Page 429   Moonstone Delight Minor  
Page 429   Agate Delight Minor  
Page 429   Wax Delight Minor  
Page 429   Cornelian Delight Minor  
Page 429   Peridot Delight Minor  
Page 429   Sardonyx Delight Minor  
Page 429   Sapphire Delight Minor  
Page 429   Lapis Lazuli Delight Minor  
Page 429   Opal Delight Minor  
Page 429   Topaz Delight Minor  
Page 429   Citrine Delight Minor  
Page 429   Quicksilver Delight Minor  
Page 429   Turquoise Delight Minor  
Page 429   Jacinth Delight Minor  
Page 429   Lodestone Delight Minor  
Page 429   Moss Agate Delight Minor  
Page 429   Cat's Eye Delight Minor  
Page 429   Jade Delight Minor  
Page 429   Cassiterite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Bronze Delight Minor  
Page 429   Dioptase Delight Minor  
Page 429   Flint Delight Minor  
Page 429   Halite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Iceland Spar Delight Minor  
Page 429   Kunzite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Obsidian Delight Minor  
Page 429   Quartz Delight Minor  
Page 429   Tourmaline Delight Minor  
Page 429   Ulexite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Vanadinite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Zircon Delight Minor  
Page 429   Amber Delight Minor  
Page 429   Galena Delight Minor  
Page 429   Jasper Delight Minor  
Page 429   Waun Fach Delight Minor  
Page 429   Snaefell Delight Minor  
Page 429   Beinn Mhor Delight Minor  
Page 429   Sgurr Thuilm Delight Minor  
Page 429   Sgurr Ghuibhsachain Delight Minor  
Page 429   Carn Mor Delight Minor  
Page 429   Ben Gorm Delight Minor  
Page 429   Stob Coire Easain Delight Minor  
Page 429   An Caisteal Delight Minor  
Page 429   Penygadair Delight Minor  
Page 429   Maumtrasna Delight Minor  
Page 429   Ben Hee Delight Minor  
Page 429   Slievekimalta Delight Minor  
Page 429   Cuilcagh Delight Minor  
Page 429   Beinn Alligin Delight Minor  
Page 429   Beinn a'Bheithir Delight Minor  
Page 429   Ben Wyvis Delight Minor  
Page 429   Foinaven Delight Minor  
Page 429   Lochnagar Delight Minor  
Page 429   Beinn a'Ghlo Delight Minor  
Page 429   Beinn Eighe Delight Minor  
Page 429   Aonach Eagach Delight Minor  
Page 429   Ben Loyal Delight Minor  
Page 429   Beryl Delight Minor  
Page 429   Granite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Graphite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Fluorite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Marble Delight Minor  
Page 429   Zincite Delight Minor  
Page 429   Talc Delight Minor  
Page 429   Jet Delight Minor  
Page 429   Sphene Delight Minor  
Page 429   Mica Delight Minor  
Page 429   Varragill Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Loch Ness Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Fiddich Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Glass Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Silver Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Hurich Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Barrslieveanroy Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Slioch Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Over Fauscoum Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Diamond Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Sgurr nan Eugallt Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Sgor nam Fiannaidh Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Sron a'Choire Ghairbh Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Sgurr Mhor Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Knockboy Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Slieve Snaght Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Liathach Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   Ben Klibreck Treble Bob Minor  
Page 429   An Teallach Treble Bob Minor  
Page 433   Western Fusilier Treble Bob Minor  
Page 448   Moor Leaze Surprise Major  
Page 449   Zoar Surprise Major  
Page 449   Town End Delight Major  
Page 450   Hinkleborough Surprise Major  
Page 450   Byland Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 450   Yaddlethorpe Delight Royal  
Page 450   Stirling Treble Place Minor  
Page 450   Fettes Treble Place Minor  
Page 450   Dunkeld Treble Place Minor  
Page 453   Brunel Surprise Major  
Page 457   Joondalup Delight Minor  
Page 471   Membury Surprise Major  
Page 471   LXX Surprise Major  
Page 471   Westminster Surprise Royal  
Page 472   Grafton Regis Surprise Major  
Page 472   Keddington Delight Major  
Page 473   Double Standard Delight Major  
Page 475   Church Stretton Delight Major  
Page 476   Elizabeth R Surprise Royal  
Page 500   Mistley Surprise Minor  
Page 500   Manningtree Surprise Minor  
Page 500   Brunel 200 Surprise Major  
Page 501   Interlaken Surprise Major  
Page 502   Dereham Surprise Royal  
Page 502   Old Oxford Delight Minor  
Page 511   St Vedast Bob Triples  
Page 511   St Augustine Bob Triples  
Page 511   Dean Prior Bob Minor  
Page 511   Huntspill Bob Triples  
Page 511   Tiny Delight Minor  
Page 511   Western Huntsman Treble Bob Minor  
Page 511   Gage Roads Treble Bob Minor  
Page 525   Leamington Priors Alliance Major  
Page 526   East Sussex Surprise Royal  
Page 526   Finlay Delight Major  
Page 526   Frederick Delight Major  
Page 526   San Francisco Alliance Major  
Page 527   Toft Green Surprise Major  
Page 527   Dereham Surprise Maximus  
Page 550   Whipsnade Surprise Major  
Page 550   Bristol Channel Alliance Royal  
Page 551   Liversedge Surprise Major  
Page 551   Fountains Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 551   Cullercoats Surprise Major  
Page 574   Alcombe Surprise Major  
Page 574   Venus Surprise Major  
Page 574   Abbot Delight Royal  
Page 574   Felthorpe Delight Royal  
Page 598   Junction 15A Delight Minor  
Page 598   Alan's 70th Birthday Little Alliance Major  
Page 599   HMS Montagu Surprise Royal  
Page 621   Xarob Surprise Major  
Page 621   Ireland Surprise Major  
Page 622   Old Arley Surprise Minor  
Page 622   Zigadenus Surprise Royal  
Page 623   Greyfriars Surprise Major  
Page 623   Jeffry's Delight Major  
Page 645   Knotty Ash Delight Maximus  
Page 646   Bastow Little Bob Caters  
Page 646   Trafalgar Surprise Maximus  
Page 648   Staplehurst Delight Royal  
Page 652   Western Guardsman Treble Bob Minor  
Page 666   Holy Orders Bob Doubles  
Page 667   Valiant Surprise Major  
Page 668   Langleeford Surprise Major  
Page 668   Dunstanburgh Surprise Major  
Page 668   Fork Handles Delight Major  
Page 693   Knoyle Surprise Major  
Page 693   Desborough Surprise Royal  
Page 693   Twoone Delight Major  
Page 694   Milton Manor Alliance Major  
Page 694   Blaxhall Treble Place Minor  
Page 695   Loose End Surprise Major  
Page 702   Warrington Bob Major  
Page 702   Neerabup Delight Minor  
Page 716   Martin Surprise Major  
Page 716   Yenston Surprise Major  
Page 716   Golden Pippin Delight Major  
Page 717   Maidwell Place Doubles  
Page 717   Queen Elizabeth II Treble Place Minor  
Page 741   Quasimodo Alliance Major  
Page 742   The Newarke Surprise Major  
Page 742   Hogsthorpe Surprise Royal  
Page 742   Crab Nebula Surprise Royal  
Page 747   Scalby Surprise Minor  
Page 747   Western Centurian Treble Bob Minor  
Page 764   Method3 Surprise Major  
Page 764   Kingsland St Michael Surprise Major  
Page 764   Raisthorpe Delight Royal  
Page 765   Malham Delight Major  
Page 766   Jervaulx Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 767   Pitsford Delight Minor  
Page 772   Southwater Surprise Minor  
Page 789   Whittington Alliance Major  
Page 790   Bardon Mill Surprise Major  
Page 797   Pioneer Surprise Major  
Page 813   East Raynham Surprise Major  
Page 813   Garesdon Surprise Major  
Page 813   Yate Delight Major  
Page 814   Mark Lane Surprise Major  
Page 820   Red Dwarf Little Bob Major  
Page 820   Double St Benedict's Bob Minor  
Page 838   Bastow Little Bob Sixteen  
Page 838   Croxley Surprise Major  
Page 838   Grimethorpe Surprise Royal  
Page 838   Burton Delight Major  
Page 860   Jacksonville Surprise Major  
Page 861   Lyddington Slow Course Major  
Page 861   Southfields Surprise Major  
Page 861   WIGHTLink Surprise Royal  
Page 861   Fratton Park Surprise Royal  
Page 862   Kirkstall Abbey Surprise Major  
Page 862   Fratton Delight Major  
Page 863   Ab Surprise Major  
Page 863   Tigra Delight Major  
Page 864   St Brandon Delight Major  
Page 884   Quantoxhead Surprise Major  
Page 884   Fairbourne Heath Delight Royal  
Page 884   Umbrage Alliance Major  
Page 885   Xerophilous Surprise Major  
Page 886   Double Canterbury Pleasure Bob Major  
Page 910   Jewbury Surprise Major  
Page 910   Chris Treble Place Minor  
Page 932   Viking Delight Royal  
Page 933   Tolethorpe Surprise Royal  
Page 933   Grenoside Surprise Royal  
Page 935   Christ Church Surprise Royal  
Page 958   Grand Union Delight Royal  
Page 959   Ickornshaw Moor Delight Major  
Page 966   Bury Bob Major  
Page 966   Manaton Bob Minor  
Page 966   Lincolnshire Show Delight Minor  
Page 982   Hankerton Surprise Major  
Page 983   Baillieston Surprise Royal  
Page 983   Authorpe Delight Royal  
Page 983   Darracott Delight Royal  
Page 983   Sarehole Mill Delight Royal  
Page 988   Kingsclere Bob Major  
Page 999   Woman's Hour Celebration Surprise Major  
Page 1005   Fugglestone Surprise Major  
Page 1005   Small Hall Surprise Major  
Page 1007   Brighouse Surprise Major  
Page 1008   Old Hooky Delight Major  
Page 1015   Ideford Combe Bob Minor  
Page 1015   Western Lancer Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1029   Barrow-upon-Humber Bob Doubles  
Page 1029   North Tawton Five-O Delight Major  
Page 1030   Arno's Vale Delight Major  
Page 1031   Old Codger Surprise Major  
Page 1055   Venus Alliance Major  
Page 1056   Crocodile Hunter Alliance Major  
Page 1056   Arreton Treble Place Minor  
Page 1057   Double Kirkgate Bob Major  
Page 1057   Parish Centre Surprise Major  
Page 1077   Orionids Surprise Major  
Page 1077   Tyndall's Park Surprise Royal  
Page 1078   Ingerthorpe Delight Royal  
Page 1081   Putney Alliance Major  
Page 1086   Judge Dredd Surprise Major  
Page 1102   Bedmond Surprise Major  
Page 1102   Blyth Surprise Major  
Page 1103   Leicester Forest East Surprise Major  
Page 1125   Odstock Surprise Major  
Page 1128   Clewer Slow Course Major  
Page 1128   Richborough Delight Minor  
Page 1129   Halley Delight Royal  
Page 1149   South Walsham Surprise Minor  
Page 1149   Pickles Surprise Major  
Page 1149   Baxenden Surprise Major  
Page 1149   Shooting Star Surprise Royal  
Page 1150   Mahoganous Surprise Major  
Page 1151   Gerald C Hemming Surprise Major  
Page 1152   Xena Surprise Major  
Page 1172   Zoons Court Surprise Major  
Page 1172   Miles Delight Major  
Page 1172   Ivory Little Alliance Maximus  
Page 1173   Lawford Heath Surprise Minor  
Page 1173   Damerham Surprise Major  
Page 1173   Barfield Delight Royal  
Page 1174   Quatermass Surprise Major  
Page 1174   Kenninghall Surprise Maximus  
Page 1174   X Fell Delight Major  
Page 1182   South Walsham Surprise Minor  
Page 1182   Western Hussar Treble Bob Minor  
Page 1197   Tyntesfield Surprise Major  
Page 1198   Xunantumich Surprise Major  
Page 1198   BriGWar Surprise Royal  
Page 1198   Bushey Treble Bob Major  
Page 1199   Conisborough Delight Minor  
Page 1199   Watford Delight Royal  
Page 1225   Lansdowne Surprise Royal  
Page 1226   Maplin Slow Course Major  
Page 1226   Padgate Surprise Major  
Page 1226   Kindelein Delight Major  
Page 1227   Triquetra Surprise Royal  
Page 1228   Wrath Delight Royal  
Page 1246   Walkley Surprise Minor  
Page 1250   Viking Little Place Triples  
Page 1250   Bailey Differential Little Place Triples  
Page 1250   Southeast Iceland Differential Little Place Triples  
Page 1250   Hebrides Differential Little Place Triples  
Page 1250   Fair Isle Differential Little Place Triples  
Page 1250   Malin Differential Little Place Triples  
Page 1250   Faeroes Differential Little Place Triples  
Page 1250   North Utsire Differential Triples  
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